Reserve Wine & Food

“There are a lot of great options out there, but not for a single-venue restaurant. It just didn’t make sense to use [other] programs, but it made sense to use Gather.”

– Mark Breymeyer
Private Events Coordinator

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Reserve Wine & Food is a full-service casual fine dining restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a menu that’s both seasonally and locally driven, Reserve’s co-executive chefs Zachary Pisciotta and Lucas Verhulst work with their kitchen team to emphasize quality ingredients and let them shine in each inventive dish. For spirits, they’ve got more than 100 wines by the glass, an extensive bottle list selection, and an impressive cocktail program to boot.

For events, Reserve offers up three different venue options. Vault is their private lower-level space (formerly a bank vault), the Champagne room and lounge are upstairs (which fits up to 20 seats or 50 reception-style), and their patio on the other side of Reserve’s mezzanine can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 50 guests. Once their events business organically grew from small, intimate business dinners to larger parties, they needed software that would help them manage this growth and continue to evolve.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Reserve Wine & Food turned to Gather to…

Enhance Team Communication

Prior to using Gather, all of Reserve’s documents, emails, and messaging programs were Google-based — including team communications. “I had a template created for event contacts, and I went through and made a copy every time I booked an event,” explains Breymeyer. This made it difficult to keep all staff members in the loop when it came to event updates. Now, thanks to Gather’s messaging platform and communication history logs, that process is much easier.


Increase Event-Related Efficiency

Before Gather, Breymeyer says his biggest complaint in regards to event planning was the time that it took. In his weekly schedule, there’d be a two-hour block of time that was spent creating event sheets for the next week. As the venue got busier, this would basically halt his workday and, thus, slow productivity. While the system he had in place was something the team was used to, switching to Gather to increase efficiency was an obvious improvement.


Organize Event Documents

Thanks to Gather’s auto-generated forms, online processing, and customizable templates, the Reserve team no longer has to do things like create menus and other PDFs by hand for each event. This has helped Breymeyer and his staff stay on top of booking inquiries and send out contracts at a much higher rate than they previously could. Now, they have all the event details and info they need for every single event, without having to manually populate the documents.


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