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    From independent venues to national restaurant groups, we work with more than 3,000 of the most innovative companies in hospitality. Learn more about how Gather has streamlined their processes, saved them time, and transformed their business.

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  2. “Gather helped us streamline how we book our events and has provided a central place to our data.”
  3. “Everything can be done without even a phone call, whether the restaurant is five blocks or states away.”
  4. “Gather makes preparing proposals so easy and getting information out to our clients quickly.”
  5. “Through Gather, we are able to see what’s booked and on the agenda at each restaurant every week.”

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    Here, you’ll find everything from case studies and infographics to guides, checklist and much more, complete with exclusive data and firsthand accounts from a variety of clients talking about why they chose Gather and how it’s helped their business grow.

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