How Planners Use Gather to Better Manage Events

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In the past, we’ve highlighted ways that Gather benefits your business and streamlines your private event management process. Now, we want to show how our software allows your customers to have a better overall experience planning their event at your venue.

To gain more insight into this topic, we chatted with Megan Wolszczak, a corporate event planner in Atlanta, Georgia, about how working with venues who use Gather has made her job easier.


Simple booking inquiry process

Our lead form, which can be embedded on a venue’s website, allows for anyone that’s interested in booking a private event to easily submit an inquiry. Our lead forms capture relevant event information so event managers can easily create a proposal, eliminating back-and-forth between a venue and a prospective client. “I plan everything from small social or charitable gatherings to large educational focused conferences,” says Megan. “My event planning experience started with non-profit higher education events and weddings, so I’ve really seen it all. Working with a vendor who utilizes Gather allows for a more efficient, organized booking process, no matter the type of event I’m planning,” she adds.


Digital contracts and proposals

Piles of paperwork are no fun for anyone, especially if you’re a planner like Megan who’s managing multiple events at once. Gather generates digital proposals and contracts that your customers can easily e-sign with just a few clicks. “I appreciate the ability to be able to do everything electronically – especially signatures,” explains Megan. “I’m constantly on the go and signing and scanning old-fashioned paperwork can be a logistical hurdle on the road. I also have access to everything in real-time [with Gather], which is helpful for quick reference.”


Improved financial transparency

One thing that our clients and their guests love is transparency in the booking process, especially when it comes to finances. Gather’s guest portal, event proposals and documents provide that for your team and guests. BEO’s includes an event summary, financial charges, service charges, gratuity and taxes. “The organized, easy-to-review BEOs are a major plus of Gather,” says Megan. “As someone who could be planning dozens of events simultaneously, ease of use and efficiency are key.”


Safe and secure online payments

Do you want to give your guests the ability to safely store their credit card information online versus trying to nail down a deposit manually? Gather’s payment integrations are level 1 PCI compliant so you can feel confident that your customers’ financial information will be stored and processed securely. . This means we offer the same level of security that major banks use. “Online payments are a win-win for us! We’re able to pay the venue more quickly and with a much easier process,” says Megan. “The swiftness of the online transaction makes me feel more confident that we’ve locked down the space and are ready to move forward with our event. It also frees me up from worrying about managing payments after an event is complete.”


Improved communication from venues

Another thing that Megan loves about working with venues who use Gather? The simple and easy-to-use communication tools. “Event management software is a huge benefit for planners – it allows us to be more organized and have information readily accessible for our clients at any given time,” explains Megan. We make it easy to send your guests relevant information on the fly through message templates and the ability to attach documents to emails through our platform.


Opportunity to give feedback to the venue

Are you curious about how well you did hosting a customer’s event? If you have guest feedback enabled, Gather will automatically send a quick survey to your client asking them how the event went and for any feedback they’d be willing to give. This not only helps you but helps your customer know that their opinion matters, which means they are more likely to rebook you for a future event.