Kellogg’s NYC

“I remember having my Gather tutorial during my first week as a sales manager at [a different restaurant]. I just knew it was an answer to prayers, and I had to bring it to Kellogg’s NYC.”
– Stacy Rudin
Director of Events & Catering

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In the summer of 2016, iconic breakfast brand Kellogg’s opened a pop-up cereal cafe in Times Square (aptly named Kellogg’s NYC), to test the waters and see if a venue of this type could succeed on its own. Well, the results are in — in late 2017, it relocated from its original location to a giant 5,000 square-foot loft space in Union Square.

The event space and cafe feature an almost-fully customizable interior, along with fun touches like murals, modern decor with pops of color and, of course, a sizeable build-your-own-bowl cereal bar — complete with an Instagram station for maximum likes. As their cafe concept continues to grow, so does their private events program. As their director of events & catering, Stacy Rudin knew Kellogg’s NYC needed software to keep everything organized and streamlined. She knew they needed Gather.

To help manage a robust events roster and meet their industry-specific needs, Kellogg’s NYC turned to Gather to:


Enhance program transparency

Stacy says the ease of client coordination and communication that comes with Gather are things that have been a huge asset to Kellogg’s NYC. “I can be on a call with a client and update their proposal in real time — then I say, ‘OK, please refresh the link,’ and they can’t believe how fast it is.” The transparency aspect also helps keep all events team members on the same page, as multiple managers handle different events.


Manage multiple events simultaneously

Kellogg’s NYC boasts a handful of event areas within its large space, meaning they can sometimes host multiple events simultaneously. While it can be difficult to juggle more than one event at a time, Stacy says Gather’s features make it totally manageable. “We can have two parties going on at the same time without worrying about overbooking or overselling,” she explains. “We know what’s going on, and every team member has their duties and knows where to get all the schedules, documents, and BEOs for each event.”


Easily create reports to track sales

One Gather feature that allows the Kellogg’s NYC team to make sure they’re on track to meet their sales goals? “Hands down, being able to create reports and easily export numbers have been amazing,” adds Stacy. She says that having a place to cross- reference reports and easily export sales figures in the middle of the month, for example, makes conducting check-ins with her team and managers a breeze.



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