How Nontraditional Venues Host Events with Success

There’s no rule saying that events have to happen at traditional venues. In fact, nontraditional venues are growing in popularity. They’re more affordable, customizable, and unique in comparison to a typical event space. So, how do these kinds of venues find event success?

how nontraditional venues host events with success

Gather surveyed dozens of industry professionals about how they host successful events in their nontraditional spaces. Here’s a sneak peek of what we found out:

  • Nearly 50% of those surveyed said their nontraditional venue hosts mostly corporate parties — like holiday soirees and conferences
  • Of those surveyed, nearly 22% said paid social ads have been their event program’s most effective marketing tactic
  • More than half of respondents said increased organization was the feature of event management software that benefitted them the most

Want to read the rest of our findings? Download our infographic on the side of this page.

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