How Gather Got These Venues More Leads

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Leads are the bread and butter of event programs — sourcing them, connecting with them, and turning them into bookings. That’s why, at Gather, our aim isn’t just to make your life as an events pro easier (though that’s a big part of it!). We also want to help your business succeed and grow in a way that’s manageable for you and your team. 

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 Along with helping you get organized and saving you time, we’ve prioritized key functionality that makes it easy to attract more leads directly to you, so you can spend more time on what matters. Gather’s simple one-page lead form is optimized for conversion, allowing restaurants and venues to capture more inquiries 24/7 via their websites, social media, and email campaigns.

In 2018, we upped the ante even more when we announced the Gather Booking Network, a first-of-its-kind marketplace that exposes your venue to a network of more than 20 million planners and diners searching for event spaces.

Companies big and small have seen serious growth by partnering with us to manage their events. Read on to see how they’ve done it — and how you can do it, too.

By the Numbers

After adopting Gather to help manage and streamline their events programs:

What Customers Are Saying

In the past, the Mina Group team had no consistent way to keep track of event leads. With Gather’s lead form, they saw an increase in inbound leads and were able to see what percentage of leads translate into bookings. They like that, with Gather, incoming inquiries have a one-stop shop to provide the necessary information to inquire about booking an event. On the backend, it’s easy for Mina’s team to stay organized on all lead information and statuses as well. 

Pane Rustica, a Zagat-rated restaurant and artisan bakery in Tampa, Florida, was able to increase lead organization with Gather, resulting in a lead conversion increase of more than 60%. “I’m able to track and organize my leads exponentially better now — [our previous software] did not have that function,” says Events Manager Topher Cunningham.

Once Bottle Cap Group’s marketing director Morgan Conroy saw Gather’s custom lead form, she knew she had to have it on her business’ websites to help increase awareness of their events program. “From a website perspective, it’s simple and easy for people to find out we’re able to host private events when the widget pops up,” says Morgan. “That’s been super helpful because we receive between 10-15 inquiries a week through our website.”

pane rustica1
Pane Rustica

5 Ways Gather Helps You Get More Leads

1. An optimized lead form

Our lead form makes it easy for potential event clients to inquire about your space. This form allows prospects to submit an inquiry 24/7 without leaving your website. Imagine what that could mean for your business! Plus, the form arms you with all the necessary event information up front, so there’s less back-and-forth communication.

Once a prospect submits an inquiry, it’s funneled directly into Gather. This means you can easily access and respond to inquiries from your desktop or mobile app.

We’ve seen a 40% increase in event inquiries with customers using Gather’s newest lead form on their website.

2. One platform to track event leads

Our event management platform lets you keep track of all of your events in one place. So, how does this bring you in more leads? It helps you stay organized and ensures no details (or leads) fall through the cracks.

We help you save time spent following up with leads and navigating miscommunications with your team members. The result: You can spend more time proactively selling your space for events.

3. Gather’s marketplace

Our venue marketplace is a first-of-its-kind events network exposing your venue to more than 20 million planners and diners searching for event spaces. In addition to Eventup, Gather’s own marketplace, we’ve partnered with Yelp, OpenTable, Cvent’s Kapow, Bizly, and Wedding Spot, with more partners to be announced in the coming months.

When you take part in our marketplace, your business is promoted in places where people go to book private events of all types, from weddings and rehearsal dinners to corporate events and meetings. This increases awareness for your event space, expands your reach, and opens the door for you to claim a bigger slice of the $30 billion spent on events in the U.S. each year.

From buyouts for large social events to smaller private corporate dinners, our marketplace has helped Mina Group increase their converted leads by 59%.

4. Custom reports at your fingertips

Want to get more control over your events program? Gather’s custom reports can help. You can look at the last quarter or last year’s numbers to analyze how your sales are trending. You can also see which campaigns are driving leads into your sales funnel.

This will help inform your marketing strategy and identify any weak areas that may need a closer look. Our custom reports help optimize your events program to perform as efficiently as possible.

5. A convenient mobile app

At Gather, we know that event pros spend the majority of their time working on the go. We want to fit in with your lifestyle. That’s why we made it a priority to offer a native mobile app. From the app, you can manage and track your leads, send proposals, track performance and keep in touch with your clients and team, all from your phone.

When you can manage your events program wherever you are, you’ll have more time to go after prospects interested in booking your space.

Leads in the mobile app show tracking, so you know exactly where they came from. This helps in the initial planning process and lets you see and edit the lead as needed.

Southwind Hills
Southwind Hills

At its core, our mission is to help restaurants, venues, and other hospitality brands achieve success. And while an events platform that makes the management process more seamless is great, we wanted to take things a step further.

By doing everything we can to bring you more leads, we’re helping you grow your bottom line, so you can keep delivering unforgettable event experiences to customers for years to come. 


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