How Event Software Supports Multi-Location Businesses

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Whether you’re a restaurant group, catering company or brand of movie theaters, owning or running private events at a multi-location business comes with its share of challenges. It can be a struggle to juggle endless binders, manage calendars and maintain consistent practices across all of your event teams.

That’s where Gather comes in. Not only do we help make the event management process easier for single-location restaurants, bars and venues, but we welcome multi-location businesses who are looking to streamline their private events programs. Here are a few ways that Gather can support private events across your various locations.


Looking clean and consistent

Your company’s brand is the bread and butter of your business. You want to project a cohesive, professional image of your business to your clientele to keep revenue coming in. This is a particularly tough challenge when different event managers are running private events at various locations. With Gather, you can keep branding consistent at all of your venues. Through customizable BEOs, proposals, contracts, and other documents, you can add in your company’s logo, menus, and colors, so that all of your locations are in line with your company’s brand.


Improves team communication

Miscommunications are bound to happen when different employees are handling client inquiries, especially across all your locations. But with Gather, you can say goodbye to post-it notes, forwarded emails and back-and-forth phone calls. Our software keeps all client (and team member) communication in one easy-to-access place. Want to assign one of your employees a task to complete by a certain date? Want to see the updated details of an event happening at a certain location? Gather allows you to get an in-depth view of communication between all of your locations.


Reduces paper trail

Are you tired of spending hours of your day trying to organize a filing cabinet full of event proposals and BEOs across all of your locations? Scanning, faxing and carrying binders will no longer be needed when you adopt our software. We make it easy to send and receive digital documents in one platform. Not only that, but your private event clients can pay for their event through our PCI-compliant software, so they can have peace of mind about using their credit card safely and securely.


BY THE NUMBERS: Businesses who contact customers within an hour of an initial inquiry are 60 times more likely to close the deal than companies who wait 24 hours. (Harvard Business Review)


Allows for streamlined training

With Gather, you’re not just getting a private events platform that will help you create a more efficient business — you’re getting a partnership with our stellar customer success managers. They make sure you and all of your events team members are onboarded and trained in an efficient manner. In fact, most Gather clients learn our software in just two weeks. When your team members go through our training, this means they’ll all be on the same page when it comes to how to use our software at their location.


Improves event inquiry response times

In the private events industry, time is money. If a prospective client doesn’t hear back from a venue in a reasonable amount of time, they’ll move on to their next choice without a second thought. If your locations are out of sync when it comes to responding to event clients about a booking, we’re here to help. With our lead widget that you can embed on your locations’ websites, we make it easy for your prospective clients to inquire about an event and for you to easily respond. When you get an inquiry, you can easily choose from templates or customize your own to ensure you don’t miss out on potential revenue.


Allows access to one calendar

When you’re trying to keep track of events at various venues, it can be hard to stay organized on multiple calendars. We wanted to create a platform where all of your events can be tracked on one calendar, even if your business has several locations. With your events managers spending a lot of their time on the go, we wanted to make it easy to access our calendar no matter where they are. If they’re meeting with a client, they can simply pull up our mobile app, select their location and check to see if a date is free — it’s that easy.


Dives into how each location is performing

You no longer have to search through multiple spreadsheets or crunch numbers on your calculator to see how your locations are performing. With Gather, you can use our customizable reports to filter event sales data at any of your locations. Want to see which one of your locations is bringing in the most revenue? How about which sales manager is converting the most leads to bookings? View your events program across all of your locations in one place, so you can see if you’re meeting, or exceeding your goals for the quarter or year.