El Gaucho Winery

“The main reason I was searching online for an event management software was because I knew we had to get organized — I knew we weren’t operating as well as we could be.”

– Bennett Sewell

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Bennett Sewell and his wife Eugenia started El Gaucho Winery in the Texas Hill country of Spicewood in 2015. As a hybrid winery, wine shop and wine club, they’ve already made a name for themselves through their fine Malbec wine offerings sourced from their two vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina. They also offer Classico style, Gran Reserva (aged for two years in French oak barrels), Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Torrontes and more.

Through the wine club, members are granted access to El Gaucho’s wide variety of wines. Wines can also be perused and bought online. With all that El Gaucho offers, they also boast a booming events program run by Bennett and his small team. As their private event inquiries continue to grow, Bennett knew he needed to switch his process from manual pen-and-paper to something more streamlined and easy for everyone to access. With that in mind, Bennett found Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, El Gaucho turned to Gather to…

Organize Their Bookings Process

Bennett and his team know organization is key for running (and growing) a successful events program. “I love the fact that you’ve got your calendar, it’s easy to do the bookings, and the process of putting in the information you have is simple,” he says. “I also like the fact that, when I’m looking at people and communications, all of the messages back and forth are there — there are no details missed, and there’s no miscommunication.”


Maintain a Consistent, Professional Look

Bennett says a big benefit of having Gather at El Gaucho is that their document templates and BEOs look just as consistent and professional as larger events companies. “We’re a three- to four-person outfit,” he explains, “and we look exactly the same as more traditional companies and venues.”


Have a One-Stop Shop for Event Details

Before Gather, the El Gaucho team was managing events with pen, paper, and a physical calendar. Now, with all of the event information in one easy-to-navigate place, Bennett and his small team can stay on the same page, see the latest event updates in real time, and eliminate the opportunity for any bit of information to fall through the cracks. “You don’t have to go through and attach things to email,” he adds. “Because of the easy-to-use portal, it’s fast and immediate.”


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