5 Things That Set Gather’s Mobile App Apart

By Holly Edwards | 3 min read

The life of an events pro can take you various places throughout the day — whether you’re giving tours of your space or meeting with vendors to prepare for an upcoming party. That’s why any software you use should fit in with your on-the-go lifestyle. As the first event software to debut a mobile app back in 2016, we allow you to manage your events program no matter where you are.

To get a first-hand account of how our mobile app has changed the way events are managed, we chatted with Jonathon Bretti, general manager of Swan Coach House, an event venue in Atlanta, Georgia. Read on to see what his favorite features are and how it’s made his job that much easier.

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1. Team and client communication

We know communicating with your clients and team members is important. That’s why we’ve dedicated a section of our mobile app to communication. Customer communication and team communication are ordered by the most recent messages, so you can stay up-to-date on the most recent edits to your events. “The internal notes, we use a lot,” says Jonathon. “When you can tag somebody so that they can get email [notifications], it’s great. We used to have walkie-talkies to communicate because we are a three-story building, so we’re always running back and forth. But, we have eliminated them because we use more of the Gather app.”

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5 Things That Set Gather's Mobile App Apart

2. Calendar view

Want to see a simplified version of what events are happening on a certain date? Our mobile app breaks out events by day, so you can get an overview of exactly what’s going on in your space. They’re also color-coded to show which events are confirmed, tentative or closed. “The calendar [on the mobile app] really helps out with communication — we’re able to access what’s coming down the pipeline easily,” says Jonathon. 

5 Things That Set Gather's Mobile App Apart

3. Lead management

Your leads are one of the most important drivers of your events business. That’s why our mobile app has a section at the bottom dedicated to all things lead management. You can see leads that are active, converted, or archived. You can also view all of the important information (like date, time, and guest count) of every lead in your system. To see more details, just simply click on a specific lead. From there, you’ll be able to view all the messaging and documents you’ve sent to this lead.

5 Things That Set Gather's Mobile App Apart

4. Guest feedback

Getting guest feedback is crucial for your events program. Not only can it help improve operations, but you learn more about your customer base and what’s important to them. That’s why we’ve included an area where you can view all of your guest reviews over the past week, month, or year. Not to mention, once you opt-in for guest feedback, it’s an automatic process, so all you have to do is sit back and let the reviews come pouring in.

5 Things That Set Gather's Mobile App Apart

5. Sales tracker

Customizable reports are a great way to analyze how your business is running. But sometimes you just want to see an overview of financial details. Luckily, Gather’s mobile app breaks out your events earnings in an easy-to-read bar graph. You can filter it by week, month or year. You can also see the grand total, guest count, and more. “There’s a booking section where you can generate an Excel spreadsheet with the booking information,” says Jonathon. “We do it for lead time preparation in regards to what we need to be staffing and saving rooms for.”

5 Things That Set Gather's Mobile App Apart

If you’re unsure of how event management software with a mobile app can enhance your events program, Jonathon will tell you. “Out of risk of sounding too dependent, I don’t know that we would survive without [event management software],” he says. “We’ve been able to be more efficient at what we do, which means more money to the bottom line. The mobile app has brought it up a whole other level, allowing us to communicate with our team members and vendors quicker.”

Now that you know how our mobile app can help you run your events program on the go, request a tour of our software today!

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