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Improve Your Guest Experience by Taking Event Payments Online

By Laynie Thomas | 3 min read

Keeping data secure is more important now than ever – with data hacks happening regularly, you risk not only financial loss but a dent in your reputation if you’re responsible. 

You’re also working to stay ahead of the curve, which is probably why you’re using the Gather platform. It helps you stay organized and provides your guests with a great experience from the initial event request to a confirmed booking. What if you could extend your seamless guest experience and accept payments online when your guest signs the proposal?

With Gather Payments, you get a fully-integrated, PCI-compliant integration that secures funds faster for your business while giving your guests a secure and delightful experience. With over 80% of consumers making payments online, meet your guests where they’re at and further simplify the booking process. 

Integrate Your Systems and Keep Guest Data Secure  

Gather Payments (and all the processors we integrate with) are PCI compliant which keeps all the financial information secure so you don’t have to store anything onsite or handle credit cards. And because it’s encrypted and saved to the booking, you can keep the same payment method for multiple events or repeat bookings without asking for payment every time. It also saves paperwork – you no longer have to ask for a credit card payment authorization form or worry about disposing of sensitive information. 

“Before, we kept contracts in binders. We’re getting closer to being paperless, and that was the goal with Gather. No more shredding.”

-Sam Boudloche
Director of Events, Slate

By integrating Gather with your payment processor, you’ll be able to track financials accurately in a more automated way, saving you time on closing out the books and reporting.

Setting up Gather Payments and Requesting Your First Payment  

Once you’ve reached out to your CSM at customersuccess@gatherhere.com, we have two options for getting started. There’s an instant setup with Stripe (yes, that day!) or you can bring your own payment processor which can take between 1-3 days business days to connect. The cherry on top? There’s no setup fee!

All payments are created, managed, and updated in the financial tab of your booking. There you’re able to include the deposit, any payment schedule, and final payment. Through our reporting, you’re able to view a consolidated list of which payments were completed, along with which ones are outstanding. You can also quickly access overdue booking balances from the dashboard in Gather.

How the Guest Portal Makes Payments Easier Than Ever

Guests are already going to their unique portal to review the event contract and provide an e-signature on the proposal. And if you’re taking advantage of Gather Payments, you can also provide payment due on the same page. In the left-hand corner, guests will see a Payment Request notification in red and at the end of the proposal, there will be a box that can be customized based on the amount you’re requesting. 

gather payments guest portal view

After payment is made, the booking owner will be notified via email or through the app and the guest will receive a confirmation email. The credit card used is encrypted and saved within Gather so you can use it to complete the final payment once the event comes. 

All of your financial documents including the invoice will be updated based on what has been paid and what is now due. This keeps the guest and your team clear, knocking a few steps off your future to-do list. 

“It’s easy for our staff to stay up to date and on the same page. Everybody can see when something’s been paid, which means less back and forth.” 

Jessica Barrett
Executive Director, The Machine Shop

If staying secure and providing your guests a streamlined experience sounds like it would be helpful (especially before the holidays!) reach out and start set-up today. 

Laynie Thomas
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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