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Gather’s New Website: What Changed & Why?

By Travis Keeney | 3 min read

You may have noticed our website has changed. Don’t worry, we’re still the same Gather — we’ve just made some updates that we’re excited to share with you.

At Gather, we believe in backing the dreamer and supporting those magical moments sparked when an event is executed to perfection. Like well-executed event management, some of the best designs are hardly detectable but surprisingly delightful. It’s with this mindset that we approached redesigning our website back in October. As we celebrate its launch today, this blog post briefly covers how the new design is intended to simplify our message.

Hospitality and the human connection

Malia Artsitas, Catering Manager at Tacolicious

Like so many other technology companies, Gather builds software. And software can sometimes feel cold and clinical. Showcasing technology alone masks the care and effort that went into building it, along with the relationships the product helps build.

This paradox is why we made an effort to showcase the human element of our brand by incorporating people and stories while, at the same time, reducing screenshots and feature lists. Our passion for serving you is what drives us, and we want our website to communicate this while preventing feature fatigue or confusion.

For those who want to see more of our product: We now have a new product overview video available. A member of our team can also provide you with a custom consultation that dives into all aspects of the platform that matter to you. Schedule time to see our latest product release and watch the confetti fly.

Back to the basics

Through the years, we’ve evolved dramatically. New features, customers, and awards began stacking up. It was time to take a step back and remember a core principle of our product: simplicity. To us, simplicity means stripping out the noise, consolidating information, and delivering it clearly, both visually and through our copy.

Simplicity frees up space to have fun and get creative. For example, we were able to bring back our party imagery (like our flowers and paper umbrellas) in fun new ways, and our pinata friend pops up to meet you at the end of each page. These are just a few of the ways we aimed to integrate the feeling of delightful hospitality into an otherwise minimalistic design.

Here’s an example of our mobile experience before and after:


Key changes to navigation


To assist with the goal of showcasing the human connection, it was important to bring ‘about us’, ‘careers’, and ‘press’ to the top of our site. Now, users can get to know our senior leadership team, learn about Gather’s core values, or read about exciting partnerships currently unfolding (stay tuned!). 


In an effort to “keep it real,” we found it vital to provide a pricing page. This allows visitors to understand how we price our product, along with tools to help estimate a return on investment before committing their time to speak with us. This transition to more transparency was made because hospitality professionals are busy, and we believe they deserve better than the status quo. 


The “Learn” section contains all pages a visitor can access to become more informed about the industry and our product. Here, you can find our blog, resources, support, and even request a demo. Best of all, nearly everything is ungated (so you can view and read it without inputting your information), giving users unrestricted access to increase their knowledge.


The product page offers a video overview of our platform and walks you through a typical event flow, from lead delivery to how Gather helps create a personal bond with your brand to bring you repeatable business. The new page homes in on how Gather holistically helps handle event leads.


When we partner with a client, we invest in them so they look like the rockstars they are. Reading quotes and statistics can only get you so far, so we added a fun video that features Gather customers from a user event. The reactions speak volumes to the excitement we all share for the hospitality industry.

Travis Keeney
Travis Keeney
Director of Demand Generation

Travis is responsible for driving and capturing demand for Gather products. Part of his focus involves creating seamless experiences for visitors to

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