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10 Festive Drinks to Serve for St. Patrick’s Day

By Madison Eubanks | 3 min read

There are a handful of days throughout the year that are traditionally for eating, drinking and merriment. St. Patrick’s Day is one such occasion, and people around the country venture out to bars and restaurants to celebrate this Irish holiday. Chances are you already have your staff or bartenders wear green for the St. Patrick’s Day crowd. This year, consider taking the fun a step further by adding some festive St. Patrick’s Day drinks to your cocktail menu for the week of March 17th. Here are 10 of our favorite Irish-inspired beverages to delight your guests with. 

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

1. Irish Coffee

This classic pick-me-up can be served alongside brunch or as an afternoon treat. Irish Coffee can be made in a variety of ways, but our favorite is with fresh-ground coffee, a splash of Jameson, a dash of brown sugar and a swirly whipped cream topping. 

Get the recipe from Delish.

2. Green Bloody Mary

It’s hard to improve upon a traditional Bloody Mary, but this variation is super fitting for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration (ond for the post-St. Patrick’s Day hangover). To make the drink green, replace the regular tomatoes with a combo of green tomatillos and yellow tomatoes. Consider setting up a crowd-pleasing Build Your Own (Green) Bloody Mary bar where guests can choose their own fixings and garnishes. 


Get the recipe from Platings and Pairings.

3. Appletini

An apple martini, or Appletini, is a fun spin on a chic cocktail. It’s mild green color is low-key enough to serve any time of year, but festive enough to be a St. Patty’s Day favorite. You’ll need vodka, green apple schnapps and lemon juice to put it together. 

Get the recipe from The Spruce Eats.


4. Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

This yummy drink is practically a dessert. For best results, start with high quality hot chocolate and mix in a splash or Bailey’s Irish Cream. Consider getting creative with the toppings– whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate drizzle are great starting points. 

Get the recipe from All Recipes.


5. Shamrock Sour

For guests who want a tart treat, whip up a Shamrock Sour. Your bar is probably already stocked with everything you need: irish whiskey, lemon and lime juices, simple syrup and a touch of green food coloring. Consider picking up some cute St. Patrick’s Day-themed garnishes to give it some extra flair. 

Get the recipe from Pizzazzerie.


6. Irish Mule

Any type of mule is delicious and refreshing, and an Irish Mule is a fantastic variation to try out on St. Patrick’s Day. This drink is made like a traditional mule, but Irish whiskey replaces the vodka. You’ll also need ginger beer, limes, ice and mint for garnish. Serve it all up in a classic copper mug and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands. 


Get the recipe from Fox and Briar.

7. Grasshopper

This creamy beverage is a delicious and unique after-dinner drink to sip on St. Patrick’s Day. Combine creme de menthe, white creme de cacao, heavy cream and ice in a martini glass and serve it up. 

Get the recipe from All Recipes.


8. Irish Car Bomb

If your bar or restaurant is a late-night party spot, the Irish Car Bomb is a fun way to combine three different Irish beverages– Bailey’s Irish cream, Irish whiskey like Jameson and Guiness beer. To assemble, fill a pint glass half full of Guinness and combine the Irish cream and whiskey in a shot glass. The drinker should drop the shot glass down into the beer, which will cause the drink to foam, and consume quickly. 

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9. Irish Buck

Similar to an Irish Mule, an Irish Buck combines whiskey with the refreshing flavors of ginger ale and lime juice. Add the ingredients to a Collins glass and garnish with a lime wheel for a not-too-sweet cocktail. 

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10. Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day Punch

This festive refreshment is great for kiddos or adults who don’t wish to imbibe. Unsweetened lemon-lime koolaid, pineapple juice and sprite make this drink totally sippable but not overly syrupy. For an extra touch, coat the rim of the glass with gold sanding sugar. 

Get the recipe from Our Wasabi Life. 

Madison Eubanks
Madison Eubanks
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