June Product Update Recap

Written by Chris Wiggins

June was a very exciting month for us here at Gather. We broke new ground with the release of the Gather Mobile App on both iOS and Android, updated our main site to better communicate our mission of streamlining the entire event management process, and continued to update our platform with requested functionality to make your job easier.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features we’ve released over the last month, including:

  • Gather Mobile App
  • Bookings Performance Report
  • Automatic Document Timestamps
  • Updated Login Flow
  • Data Visibility and Filtering
  • Filtered Number of Results

We hope you’re enjoying the updates, and please reach out with any feedback or questions!

Gather Mobile App

Gather’s mobile app is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Any Gather user can download the app to monitor their event schedule, review booking details, respond to leads, and communicate with guests and fellow team members. Check out our full blog post on the app release here, or better yet, go ahead and download the app on the App Store or Google Play.


Bookings Performance Report

Our latest report provides you with insight on the most important indicators of your event business success. Quickly track trends in total charges, number of events held, charges per guest, and guest counts. Using our new filter setup, you can report down to the location, room, and even event start time. Check out our full blog post on the report release here.


Automatic Document Timestamps

When you download an automatic document such as a BEO or invoice, we are now indicating when that document was created so that you’ll always know you’re up to date.


Updated Login Flow & Password Strength Indicator

You trust us with your data, and we make it a priority to keep it secure. The Gather login page was updated to make it more user friendly, and we added an extra handy tool that will indicate your password’s strength. Now when creating or updating a password, you’ll get tips that will help deter others from guessing or hacking their way into your account.


Data Visibility and Filtering

We’ve updated our filtering to make it easier and quicker to access and work with the data you need. Our filter bar has been updated to be lighter and thinner to better utilize the space. Additionally, all of your data remains on the screen, ready for you to use. For folks who find themselves filtering often, you can now work with the filter bar open, reducing numerous clicks from your day!


Filtered Number of Results

When you’re looking at Bookings, Leads, Contacts, and Accounts, you’ll now see a total number of results listed across the top. As you filter the lists down (by date, for example), you’ll see how the result total adjust based on how many are returned.


Chris Wiggins is a Product Manager at Gather. His most recent article was Announcing Gather Tracking: Sourcing and Segments.