February Product Update

Written by Chris Wiggins

We have a lot of big and exciting changes in the Gather platform! We love the feedback we receive from clients, and many of these features and enhancements are directly sourced from you. We completely rebuilt the Customer Portal, added new card/payment request flows, introduced booking filters and made invoice updates. Let’s get to it!

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The customer portal is the centerpiece of communication between you and your guests. We’ve rebuilt the portal from the ground up to look great on any sized device. Now, you can consolidate everything to a single page, enhance venue branding, and provide options to better control your approvals and payment setup!

The portal is now completely responsive, making it easier for you or your guests to check details from a mobile, tablet or desktop device. All actions take place on the same page — guests can approve a proposal and make payments all on one portal visit.

If you’re using Gather for payments, you can hide the old-school Credit Card Authorization form. Similarly, if you’re taking advantage of electronic Proposal Approvals, you can hide the option to print and sign. Welcome to the future!

Check out our help doc for additional details, and take a look at the updated Customer Portal by hitting ‘Preview’ under the Proposal section of any booking.

Request Cards and Payments without Messages

Setting a payment as ‘Visible’ will now make it payable via the Customer Portal. Likewise, you can add a card request to the portal with a click. These changes allow you to set up your payment and credit card collection plans before sending a single message.

Booking Created Date Filter

Created Date Filter

Need to find a booking created today? How about a count of bookings created this past month? On the Bookings page, you now have the option to filter bookings by the date they were created. This is very handy when pulling status reports or locating a recently converted lead.

Invoice Payments


Now all paid, requested, visible, and refunded payments will appear on the invoice document. This allows you to set up a payment plan for your events and deliver a single, consolidated invoice to your guests.

Revoking Approvals

Revoke approvals

Have you sent a proposal to an unresponsive guest? Your space is too valuable to leave hanging. Now you can revoke a proposal so that the guest cannot approve the contract, opening your options and preventing the awkward moment when you’ve double booked.

Chris Wiggins is a Product Manager at Gather. His most recent article was Announcing Gather Tracking: Sourcing and Segments.