August Product Update Recap

Written by Chris Wiggins

The hot Atlanta summer hasn’t kept us from adding a number of exciting updates to Gather! This month we’re helping you keep track of your favorite filters, mark important days on the calendar, and prioritize your leads to generate more business! Check out the updates below, and feel free to reach out or comment here to let us know what you like.

Saved Filters

Cut clicks from your day and get to the information you need faster. Saved filters allows you to set and save your most-used set of filters on the Calendar, Bookings, and Leads pages. Want to drill into just the bookings you own that take place over the next 7 days? Set the filters, hit Save New, and name your new saved filter for easy access! For more, check out our full blog post on saved filters.

Saved Filters

Calendar Notes

Add notes to your calendar to keep track of important events that affect your businesses like holidays, special visits, and local events. Add as many notes as you need, and rest easy knowing that they’ll appear when creating a booking on the same day.

Calendar Notes

Lead Last Actions & Filtering

We’ve made it easier to understand the status of your leads so you can stay on top of potential business. The last action taken on a lead is now surfaced on the Leads page and is sortable by time, so you know how long it’s been since you’ve heard from your prospects, or the timing of a new incoming message that needs your attention.

Additionally, the Leads page can be filtered by last action, so you can prioritize new messages, new leads, or outstanding opportunities with ease.

Leads Last Action

Quickly Create Bookings from the Calendar

Bookings can now be created directly from the calendar, pre-filling the chosen date. Hover over a date in the Month view, click Create, and then New Booking. Simply another way of helping you speed up your business!

Create Booking from Calendar

Mark Leads as Unread

If you accidentally opened a lead or wanted to leave a lead unread for someone else’s attention, you can now mark leads as unread to keep them prioritized. Inside the lead you’ll see a new button called ‘Mark Unread’ that will do just that!

Mark Unread

Additional Contact Numbers

We’ve added two new number fields to contacts to keep track of alternative numbers and fax numbers. Handy when you need to send an invoice or can’t get in touch using the primary methods.

Contact Numbers

Chris Wiggins is a Product Manager at Gather. His most recent article was Announcing Gather Tracking: Sourcing and Segments.