Announcing Gather Tracking: Sourcing and Segments

Written by Chris Wiggins

We’ve added a smorgasbord of new tracking features that will provide deeper insight into your booking sources and business types.

At Gather we’re always looking for ways to drive a sales mindset across your event organization and provide actionable insight to your day-to-day business: this data will influence your outreach and marketing in exciting ways, letting you focus on areas that provide the most value or have growth potential.


Channels and Campaigns

Channels and Campaigns offer you a detailed look at where your business was sourced:

  • Channels categorize your outreach methods that brought you business. For example: If you paid for a local ad and a guest referenced the ad when booking, you can select Paid Advertising as your tracked channel.
  • Campaigns, for added detail, let you drill into the exact event, site, or referral of your outreach effort. Fill in the name of the expo you visited, name an email blast you sent, or list the site where the guest heard about your business. Campaigns you’ve already used will appear as you type, keeping your data clean and consistent.

tracking gif

Segments and Event Types

Segments let you classify your bookings and leads as Corporate or Social. Combined with Event Types, you can report on the difference between a Social Birthday or Corporate Happy Hour.

Start Tracking Today

Gather Tracking is available on both your Leads and Bookings. All data on a lead is carried over when converting to a booking. All tracking data is pulled into Booking and Lead exports for slicing and dicing.

Start tracking your booking sources and types today, and let us know what you think!

Chris Wiggins is a Product Manager at Gather. His most recent article was Announcing Gather Tracking: Sourcing and Segments.