Weddings vs. Corporate Events: Which Are More Profitable?

On average, corporate parties and weddings are known as the event types that bring in the most revenue. But while it’s safe to say these events can be serious money-makers, which one could be the biggest bottom-line booster for your business?

weddings vs. corporate events: which are more profitable?

In this guide, we chat with two event managers — one who says weddings bring in more revenue, and another who says it’s corporate events that boost their bottom line. Here’s a sneak peek of what they had to say:

“Hosting weddings is definitely more work than other events at the Estate. Ceremony chairs are set up and taken down. The bridal suites are used and must be set up and cleaned as well.” – Debbie Tennick, general manager of The Adams Estate

“What surprised me was the volume of corporate events we’re able to book. We can host multiple holiday parties or team outings in a day or week.” – Zachary Artz, events manager of Yards Brewing Company

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