The Ultimate Venue Walkthrough FAQs

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Few parts of event venue management are more important than the walkthrough. It’s where a potential gets a firsthand glimpse at your offerings before deciding whether or not they can envision their soiree in your space. One way to help them decide your venue is right for their event? Make sure you’re prepared to answer any and all questions they may throw your way.

Below, we’ve crafted a list of FAQs that prospective clients commonly ask during venue tours. Being ready to answer questions like these accurately and thoroughly might mean greater potential for getting a signed contract and a new closed deal.


Q1: Is your venue available on the date I want?

This is one of the first questions most prospects ask during or before seeing a space in person. With Gather’s mobile app, you can easily check your calendar to see what dates and times are currently open for booking — no need to pause the tour to run over to your computer.

PRO TIP: If your client wants a weekend date that’s already taken, consider offering a discount or added incentive (like an onsite bartender) for a weeknight to sweeten the deal.


Q2: How many guests can your venue accommodate?

When discussing guest count maximums, it’s important to have an idea of the event type that your guest wants to throw. A sit-down dinner with tables and chairs can hold fewer people than a networking event where guests are standing up and mingling. If you have multiple event space options, it’s a good idea to know the capacity for each area off-hand in case they want to book multiple rooms.


Q3: What’s your cancellation policy?

Whether your business has a flexible or strict cancellation policy, including this on your contract and, if necessary, breaking it down for the prospect in person can save both of you time. You can also put this on the private events section of your website so interested parties can see it ahead of time.


Q4: What’s your back-up weather plan for outdoor events?

If your venue features a beautiful outdoor space for guests to rent, make sure you have a Plan B ready in case of inclement weather, such as an easy-to-assemble event tent, covered patio or small banquet room.


Q5: Can you supply alcohol and bartenders?

Be sure to let your prospect know the terms of your liquor license. Be clear about whether you allow offsite drinks to be brought in, or if you strictly stick to in-house libations. If they’re interested in buying and bringing their own liquor, let them know which kind of permit or insurance they’ll need to buy beforehand, if any. Be prepared to discuss whether or not they’ll need dedicated bartenders, or if they’d prefer guests order from a server or directly from the main bar, if applicable.


Q6: Can I hire my own vendors or do you have a preferred list?

Many venues have “preferred vendor lists” of planners, caterers and florists that they recommend and have worked with previously. Some event spaces let the client pick their own vendors, and some offer discounts for using preferred vendors, while others only allow vendors they’ve already approved. Whatever your preference, make sure you’ve got the details handy.


Q7: Can your venue accommodate live entertainment?

Particularly for bigger events, your prospect may be interested in a DJ or live entertainment. Keep in mind any noise or time-of-day limitations at your venue, and let them know if there’s a stage or ideal area for a performer to set up. It’s a good idea to make sure they know the drill when it comes to speakers, instruments and other A/V equipment as well.


Q8: What’s the deal with parking?

If there’s ample parking or a valet option at your venue, make sure you break that down during the walkthrough if need be. Communicate where overflow parking would be (parking garages, street parking) and if it’s free or paid.


Q9: Is setup included in the time block?

Your client may be interested in shipping things to your space or dropping things off and setting up prior to the start of their event. Let them know the earliest they’re allowed to do so, who their venue point person will be at that time, and if it’ll cost extra.


Q10: What’s included in the rental fee?

Be prepared to answer questions about the specifics of your rental fee. Are things like a security guard, A/V equipment, or furniture such as tables and chairs included in the price of renting your venue, or are those add-ons?


Q11: What customization options do you offer?

Lighting and decor can transform a private event space. Your client will likely pay close attention to this when touring your venue, so be clear about what kind of customization options you’ll be able to accommodate for their party.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions During Venue Tours

□  Is your venue available on the date I want?

□  How many guests can your venue accommodate?

□  What’s your cancellation policy?

□  What’s your weather back-up plan for outdoor events?

□  Can you supply alcohol and bartenders?

□  Can I hire my own vendors or do you have a preferred list?

□  Can your venue accommodate a DJ or live entertainment?

□  What’s the deal with parking?

□  Is setup included in the time block?

□  What’s included in the rental fee?

□  What customization options do you offer?