Truluck’s Seafood, Steak & Crab House

I saw Gather a year before we made the switch (from another platform). We kept coming back to Gather, and after we found out other competitive restaurants used the platform, our interest was piqued.
Kelly Barber, Director of Special Event Coordinators

Since its first location opened in 1992, Truluck’s Seafood, Steak & Crab House has been committed to one thing: fresh, quality food. That means they’ve long-championed the sustainable seafood movement, refusing to serve endangered, overfished species. Additionally, all of their beef, pork, and lamb dishes are proudly antibiotic and hormone-free.

But it doesn’t stop there. Along with delicious dishes, Truluck’s creates an atmosphere that exudes elegance and maintains a commitment to customer service, for guests both dining or attending private events. As the Truluck’s private events program began to grow across its locations, Director of Special Event Coordinators, Kelly Barber, knew her team needed a software that could grow with them. When looking for a new platform to replace their existing event management software, they found Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Truluck’s turned to Gather to…

Simplify Event Management

Truluck’s switched to Gather from a different event management software after seeing how easy, quick, and efficient our platform made managing events, for both the events team and their guests. “Guests get a link to a contract, they enter their credit card information, and it’s done,” says Kelly. She also loves how easy it is to train new team members. “We’ve trained three new people in a matter of months — during the process, they’d be like, ‘That’s it?’

Create a Better Guest Experience

Kelly says that being able to keep client information secure and accessible through the personalized guest portal and take secure online payments are the top reasons Truluck’s switched to Gather. “Accepting digital signatures and not having to keep sensitive guest information on paper means less paper to file or shred,” she explains. 

Increase Transparency Across the Team

Keeping everyone, from the chef to the venue owner, on the same page in real-time makes communication and managing events much simpler. “With Gather, everyone can see what’s coming up, like when we have pop-up events, make adjustments, or need to order more food,” explains Kelly. She adds, “Everyone can be empowered to see what’s next,” and she doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to relay a crucial event detail to a team member. “It also helps from a manager and chef standpoint,” she says, “to see how quickly things are coming through and booking.”


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