Titletown Brewing Company

“We were fielding different software options, mainly to have more accessibility when it came to private events. We loved Gather’s cloud-based aspect, and knowing we could get the app on our phones and allow different levels of accessibility meant our program could have more visibility.”

– Katy Maier
Event Coordinator

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If you love history, good beer, and find yourself near Green Bay, Wisconsin, you’ll want to visit the Titletown Brewing Company. Since opening its doors in late 1996, the brewery brand has made a name for itself in the city, particularly as a great venue for private events.

The historic Titletown building (which dates back to 1898) was once a train depot — it’s now on the National Register of Historic Places. After decades of operation, the Titletown crew decided to put a larger focus on events, with a recent expansion to the building across the street that allows them to hosts larger weddings and other parties. As their events program continued to grow exponentially, they knew they needed software to help them manage it all.

To help streamline their growing events business and move away from a manual event process, Titletown Brewing Company turned to Gather to…


Manage events on a cloud-based platform

Katy says the fact that Gather is a cloud-based software was huge for Titletown. “I’ll have people at the bar asking about certain dates,” she explains. “I’ll pull up the Gather app and tell them right away [if their desired date is available.]” Having that accessibility to see what their venue spaces have on tap for days and weeks in the future is convenient and helps them avoid potentially double booking.


Maintain consistency with documents and processes

For Titletown, it wasn’t just important to have consistency when it came to the look, feel, and formatting of event-related documents (though that was crucial). They also needed a unified process and steps that each team member could easily follow to manage an event from beginning to end. Luckily, Gather made establishing that process a breeze. “When scheduling an event, certain things pop up across the board to ensure these details are in place, like guest count, date and time,” Kate says. “Certain blanks have to be filled in for things like food orders, and it’s easy to send to the client to [get] what other information we need.”


Analyze their program’s success through reporting

The statistical data that Gather compiles is something that Katy says has been a huge asset to their private events program. “We’ve been assessing our profitability and what our growth has been in the last two or three years in this bigger space, and we’ve been able to pull information for our management and investors through Gather,” she says. “We’ve been fine-tuning things to make our process more collective, and we use the data to its fullest potential.” Katy adds that it’s nice to have that framework and data about events that can be easily pulled to see growth potential.




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