The Phoenix

“Everything was manual before, so it was hard to track things like sales. Now it’s so much easier.”
– Lauren Melloan
Event Manager

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From weddings and corporate soirees to catering parties and other special events, The Phoenix is a legendary venue. Built in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1893, The Phoenix boasts features like a stunning white marble staircase, Tiffany glass, and a hand-carved library breakfront.

The Phoenix has three decades of experience hosting private events — Lauren Melloan, their Event Manager, joined the venue one year ago as an event coordinator. She says The Phoenix’s events team knew they needed to streamline their processes beyond manual inputs and Excel spreadsheets. Through the search for something better, they found Gather.

To grow their private dining program into a thriving aspect of their business, The Phoenix turned to Gather to…


Keep all event details in one place

As the sales team at Phoenix continued to grow, it became increasingly important for Lauren and her team to keep all event details and info in one easy-to-access place. “It’s great being able to make notes and have internal communications,” she says, adding that it also makes it easier to reach out to past clients about potentially hosting their upcoming events.


Process leads more quickly

Leads are the bread and butter when it comes to private events. Thus, Lauren says it’s been “very helpful to be able to put in the lead’s information and be able to send an email template that’s already been put together.” This saves her team a lot of time, as does the Gather lead widget they’ve embedded on their site, allowing them to accept lead inquiries 24/7, day or night.


Easily analyze event progress through reports

“We pull reports a lot,” Lauren explains. “Before [Gather], everything was manual.” This made it hard for The Phoenix to keep track of things like sales numbers. Now, she says they use Gather’s custom reporting all the time for things like comparing and contrasting sales on a yearly or monthly basis. She also uses reports to pull numbers for individual salespeople to better analyze performance. “We recently found how we can pull emails from the leads to send mass emails,” she adds, “and that’s been very helpful as well.”



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