The Mill

“Gather is great. I had my first [demo] call and was blown away. I fell in love with it and said [to my bosses], ‘Will you buy this for me?’ And they said, ‘Absolutely.’ Now life’s just so easy.”

– Maggie Doughty
Restaurant Manager

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Nestled in Hershey, Pennsylvania, The Mill is a family-run restaurant, bar and event space rich in history.

Opened in September 2014 inside what was formerly the Curry Feed Mill in the early 1900s, The Mill’s commitment to preserving as much of the three-story building’s original structuring as possible has aided them in the rustic vibe that provides a unique experience for their guests.

The Mill happens to be situated in a sizable tourist area. That, paired with their proximity to institutions such as the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, has translated into a fairly high demand for private events. Luckily, a rebuild supplied them with two private rooms perfect for any occasion. As the manager of The Mill, Maggie Doughty (a former server at the restaurant since it opened) was tasked with finding software that supported their events business and made it easy for them to maintain it with success.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, The Mill turned to Gather to…


Improve Organization of Event-Management Operation

Maggie and her team were using a reservation system along with email in order to manage their growing events business. This meant that party information and contracts were easily lost in the shuffle or hard to retrieve a few weeks or months after the event. They needed a streamlined event software platform, like Gather, to keep all of their documents, menus, scheduling, and other event-related information in one easy-to-navigate place.


Sync Their Calendars for Easy Event-Tracking

Between the tourist and medical industries in Hershey, The Mill was getting a plethora of private events inquiries. Before Gather, Maggie was using a spreadsheet calendar to manually enter in each event name, time and room assignment — a process that was time-consuming and difficult to manage. She says having Gather’s synced calendar is “the greatest thing in the world.”


Save Time on Event-Related Paperwork

For the contract system, Maggie was manually editing individual contracts and menus for each of The Mill’s events. She says the fact that Gather allows her team to instantly send off proposals and easily update multiple menus instead of starting from scratch each time was “a huge deal” for her.


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