The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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“We had an event management software we used in the past, and Gather is just so visual and much easier [to use].”

– Lindsay Regan
Director of Sales and Guest Services

The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the nonprofit organization of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, started its events program in 2007 as a way to generate revenue to support the park. Since the Conservancy’s income was primarily generated through fundraising, Lindsay Regan, its director of sales and guest services, says the decision was made to work with the park service to make spaces available to rent.

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Since then, the organization has grown exponentially. These days, the Conservancy’s income is split almost evenly between fundraising and income earned through event sales, among other things. 

“People like the feel-good piece related to booking a venue with an organization that gives that money back to the resource and the park they love,” adds Lindsay. “A lot of our wedding couples have been engaged in our park or grew up coming here, so it’s a full-circle story.” But with approximately 50 events a month across 30 different spaces, they needed a software to keep them organized and continuing to grow. For that, they turned to Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and manage multiple event sites at once, Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park turned to Gather to:

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Make communication a breeze:

“It gets everybody on the same page, and the implications it has for communication are so important for us,” says Lindsay. “We have an event staff, hosts, and setup folks, and we use Gather to communicate special notes related to the events.”

Keep event details organized:

Lindsay explains that Gather has helped her team take the organization of the business to a new level. “We can upload PDFs and the floor plans that the site managers create, so all the information anyone needs is right there,” she says. “Pulling everyone on the team together has been a game-changer.”

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Take event sales to the next level:
“The managers responsible for sales are thrilled with the lead generation function,” Lindsay adds. Since the Conservancy’s events team rents out several sites throughout the park, having features like Gather’s lead form help them keep their calendar filled. Plus, having color-coded event statuses lets them easily see the status of their program overall.


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