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“Gather has helped us maintain progress on leads more efficiently by 35%.”
– Benton Pittman
Event Sales & Operations Manager

If TC Restaurant Group’s eateries and venue sound like a good time — with names like FGL House, Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, Crazy Town, and Tequila Cowboy — it’s because they’re just that. The brand’s blend of country-cool namesakes and restaurant-entertainment venue hybrids has helped TC garner plenty of well-earned national buzz.

TC’s first locations, Tequila Cowboy and Wanna B’s Karaoke Bar, opened in 2012 on the iconic Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, they’ve added a handful of new outposts across the country, in spots like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. As they continue to open new iterations across the U.S., they knew it was time to abandon their manual processes in favor of something more modern and streamlined. Through that search, they found Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and move away from a manual event process, TC Restaurant Group turned to Gather to:


Manage a growing events program

Before Gather, Benton says his teams “were using Microsoft Word Docs” to manage private events across their multiple locations. “For every event inquiry that came through, we’d have to customize and rewrite everything,” he adds, which meant manually inputting details for each booking. “Without Gather, we would not be able to do the level of business we’re currently doing.”


Increase efficiency & team communication

Benton says anything that saves the TC team time is a game-changer for their private events. For this reason, he says the team communication tools (like message logs) have done wonders for increasing their efficiency and team communication. “Being able to get event info to them instantly saves a lot of time,” he explains. Using a cloud-based platform also means that each staff member who logs onto Gather automatically sees the most up-to-date event details, which makes it easy for everyone to be on the same page.


Save time on document creation

One of the most time-consuming parts of managing private events manually? Having to start from scratch with each new event. That’s no longer the case at TC, now that they have Gather. “We only have to type things once now,” Benton says, “and we have template docs, so it’s easy to go into the template, make a few clicks, and have menu items already there.” Yes, it can be that easy!


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