How to Talk to Your Boss About Software

Picture this: You’re an event pro. Whether that’s a coordinator, an event sales director, a venue manager or anything in between, you know the ins and outs of your company’s private events. Maybe you’ve heard about Gather from another venue, you stumbled upon us online, or even experienced one of our live demos.

But even if you’ve fallen in love with Gather, it can be tough to translate that enthusiasm to higher-ups. Sure, you know all the ways Gather could help streamline and enhance your events program, but how do you convince your boss? We’re here to help.

Gather helps you grow:

  • Umbel saw a 40% increase in monthly events
  • Spaces in the City can now manage 3 times their normal booking volume

Gather helps you book events faster:

  • Ford Fry secures signed BEOs 2 times faster
  • Red Rooster Harlem sped up client communication processes by 25%

“I looked at the [Gather] site, and…I knew it was a perfect fit. Everything was intuitive — I knew the program was going to be something I already knew how to do and that problems would be fixed.” – David Huck, owner, Woodbelly Pizza Catering

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Talking Points

Stick to the facts

Gather is an all-in-one sales, management, and execution platform for your events business. To date, we work with more than 400 hospitality groups, have over 3,500 locations, and we’re proud of our 99.2% renewal rate. Whether or not your boss knows all of the ins and outs of what Gather has to offer, you can’t argue with those numbers!

Emphasize the ROI

Gather has a track record of increasing total event revenue by 15% to 25% in the first year. On average, our clients also benefit from increased efficiency, and time savings of approximately 32 hours a month per location. At a competitive price point, your venue’s ROI after investing in Gather will be almost immediate, once your boss sees how many hours our software saves on managing events. Less time spent on paperwork means more time for customer outreach — and it saves the guest time too!

It won’t change what you do — just how you do it

Gather isn’t meant to overhaul your event management process. Rather, we want to take your current processes, and make them easier, quicker, and more streamlined. You can save past menus, BEO templates, proposals and more all in one place, so there’s no more need to start managing a new event from scratch.

Less time on admin, more time on growing

Fewer steps in your private events process means your event coordinators can focus on booking additional events, responding to inquiries, actively seeking out new events clients and more. You can send proposals in less than 2 minutes flat. This allows your program to grow in a way that’s measurable, manageable and sets your team and your venue up for success.

Setup is a breeze

When you partner with Gather, you get a dedicated account manager who handles more than 95% of your account setup. You and your team will get trained on how to best use the software via personal, group and webinar sessions, and you’ll also receive a dedicated point of contact for any questions that may arise after your initial onboarding. The account manager will load in any pre-existing packages, menus, contracts, contacts, pictures, logos and more — they’ll even place your future events on the calendar for you. That way, when you log in, you can hit the ground running!

We make staying organized easy

Never double-book or have a lead fall through the cracks again. With Gather, you can eliminate the need for sticky notes or a BEO binder. You can see what events are coming up in the portal, as well as which prospects and contracts are outstanding, and who needs follow-up. You can also generate repeat business (hot leads) and identify missed opportunities with lead and booking reports, resulting in faster lead response times.

Key Value Takeaways

Hit sales goals – Gather allows your business to grow by helping you accurately forecast revenues and evaluate marketing ROI.
Cloud-based platform – Gather is accessible from anywhere and on any device.
Mobile app – the exclusive Gather app for iPhone and Android is particularly great for event execution and responding to inquiries while on-the-go.
E-signatures – quickly increase your conversion rate by making it easy and convenient for guests to do business with you.
Online payments – accept deposits and payments from your guests instantly and securely. Our online portal is safe, and PCI compliant (the level of security major banks use).
Website integration – with our easy-to-install lead widget, leads go directly from your website into Gather and will never fall through the cracks.
Unlimited users – streamline operations by giving login credentials (available on various tiers of access) to anyone who needs it — at no additional charge.
CRM – Gather also serves as a database of all your clients’ event history and details, which is great for sales to leverage in generating repeat business and identifying missed opportunities.
Reporting – We give you tools to access sales information, leads, booking details, payments, sales pipeline stage tracking, and more. Look back on past weeks, months or years of events to see what’s working and what’s not.
Team communication – execute flawlessly on events with all your info in one place, real-time updates, and unlimited users, keeping everyone on the same page.