State Park

“A lot of other programs have more of a corporate feel or more of a hotel catering element. For me, Gather was just more natural and geared towards what we’re trying to do.”
– Rachel Miller Munzer

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Nestled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, State Park considers itself a restaurant with dive bar sensibilities such as a pool table, pinball machines, a jukebox, and shuffleboard table — but with an atmosphere and menu that’s a bit more elevated. Opened in December 2013, Rachel Miller Munzer and her fellow co-owners aimed to create a space that made guests feel just as comfortable ordering an $11 cocktail as they did ordering a $3.50 can of beer.

State Park began hosting parties in January 2014, after realizing their expansive 100-seat space, with two smaller private rooms, was ideal for events. They’ve since quickly grown their events business from 1 or so per week to approximately one event every day. Because of this, Rachel was in need of a software that would help her effectively streamline the events process, from booking to execution.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, State Park turned to Gather to…


Streamline the Events Management Process

Before Gather, Rachel was using multiple organization tools such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, and spreadsheets. As State Park’s events business grew, it became more difficult to keep everything organized. After reaching out to a software engineer about building a database to better monitor their multiple parties, they suggested researching already-existing programs. Through this research, Rachel found Gather.


Grow their Events Business

Rachel says Gather has helped State Park successfully grow and scale their events business. They wanted software that would compile all of their database information in one place. She says other programs were hard for others on her team to work, and that Gather is easily transferable and more organized, allowing them to be more responsive to book more parties. “We have a high standard for what we do,” she says, “and what we were doing before just wasn’t sufficient.”


Cater to the Needs of Their Team and Venue

Rachel and her team liked how restaurant-friendly the software was, and how easy and intuitive it was for everyone to understand and use. She says many other programs she looked into had more of a corporate feel or included features she didn’t need. Gather, she adds, was just more natural and geared towards what State Park was trying to accomplish with their events management.





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