Spaces in the City

“Gather allowed me to add four additional event spaces to my workload and manage an average of 20 events a week without hiring new staff.”
– Kaley Smith
Director of Events

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Spaces in the City is a collection of event spaces in historic downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. The venues
include conference and training rooms as well as private dining rooms. Initially, the company owned and managed a single business, 4 Market Square. In November of 2015, they acquired four additional spaces to expand the scope of their business.

When the company decided to take on the additional event spaces, it became clear that the workload for the Director of Events, Kaley Smith, would essentially quadruple. When Kaley addressed this with her superiors, they encouraged her to find an event management software to consolidate her processes and allow her to add the new event spaces to her bandwidth. After researching and speaking with others in the industry, Kaley chose to partner with Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Spaces in the City turned to Gather to…


Provide Access to Pertinent Information

In the past, Kaley used multiple documents that had to be updated with each new event. To communicate event details to the kitchen and the staff, she had to print out each sheet every time a change was made and was responsible for distributing the updated documents. Now the chef can log into Gather and find the details needed for ordering for each night’s events. Details for the serving staff are printed the night of, so there is no guesswork, and the number of incoming questions about each event has dramatically decreased for Kaley.


Decrease Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Before Gather, every Monday was Kaley’s day to complete administrative tasks. This meant filling out six documents for each of the week’s events (typically around 20 events a week) and printing out massive stacks of paper for staff meetings. This process worked for Kaley when she managed one event space, but with the addition of four new spaces, it was not sustainable. Gather keeps all important event details in one place and automatically updates all changes and updates. It is no longer necessary for
Kaley to set aside an entire day for administrative work.


Support Their Growing Business

When Kaley was responsible for managing events for only one space, her manual process of tracking and booking events was still plausible. With the opening of four new spaces, Kaley needed additional support. After researching options and consulting other event professionals, she decided to go with Gather, and the result is that she is able to manage five spaces in the time she previously managed one.



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