Southwind Hills

“A big aspect of Gather that we love is being able to field inquiries and follow up with leads. The contact [lead widget] form lets us convert that lead into a booking, get the info we need from them, and have a great log of any client questions right from the beginning.”

– Elaine Tabor
Director of Events

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In April 2014, the Goldsby, Oklahoma-based Southwind Hills officially opened for business. A family owned and operated venue, they quickly became known for their elegant environs with a country flair — and impeccable customer service to boot. Along with weddings, they host everything from fundraisers and galas to small dinner parties across their two venues and 130 acres. Southwind Hills is a fully staffed venue with onsite management, including a design and floral team, on-site executive chef, event coordinators and more.

Elaine Tabor, Director of Events for Southwind Hills, has been with the company since October 2014 — she was brought on to head up their events program, and now oversees a team of three coordinators. Before Gather, Elaine says they managed events with paper files, and sometimes struggled to keep track of timelines, vendors, menus, and other details. They knew they needed a better system — and that’s when they found Gather.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Southwind Hills turned to Gather to…


Keep Track of Event Details

With Gather’s many organization features, Elaine says she and her team can easily keep track of things like special event requests and associated vendors, all in one place. “Being able to record details in one central place streamlines the process,” she explains. “We know where particular items should be, so there’s less lost in translation.” She adds that the commonality of having customized templates helps give their documents consistency.


Better Organize Payments

Elaine and her team know keeping track of payments is essential for any private events program. With Gather’s ability to accept e-signatures and take credit card payments electronically, the process of invoicing, building a proposal for a lead, and creating a financials document that lets them know the cost of their event is a breeze. “Being able to build a floral quote in the same place as the dinner menu and bar pricing has been great,” she says. “We can send and receive payment requests, run credit cards, and easily keep track of it all for ourselves and our clients.”


Measure Their Events Program’s Progress

Southwind Hills does a high volume of weddings for the size of their team, according to Elaine. Thus, “knowing what we need to tackle next and being able to quickly find the info we need helps us stay on track and make sure milestones are met.” She adds that Gather’s reporting and tracking features allow her to see how events are progressing, and how their year is shaping up in terms of private events.


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