Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe

“Now that we have Gather and realize how amazing it could all be — there isn’t much comparison. It was a real game-changer for us. It truly replaced a full-time person.”
– Robin Means Skinner
Director of Business Development

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The Ruthie’s Food Trucks company prides itself on offering melty, made-to-order grilled cheese sandwich varieties via their famed food truck, Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe. Since starting out six years ago as one of the first food trucks in Dallas, Texas, they’ve grown from one truck to three, along with the recent announcement of their first franchise truck in Newark, New Jersey.

The Ruthie’s team sets themselves apart by offering a variety of fresh food options (cheese, meat, veggie and gluten-free options galore) paired with a commitment to giving back to the community. Their “Ruthie’s Snacks of Kindness” initiative allows people to send the food truck to various spots (like a school or nonprofit business) and provide people with a free meal. It’s no wonder Ruthie’s has garnered a handful of awards, with more surely to come.

Robin Means Skinner, Ruthie’s Director of Business Development, has been with the company since the beginning. With all of their success, Robin knew they needed a software program that would help them stay organized and continue to grow and expand their reach. For that, Robin turned to Gather.

To help coordinate their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe turned to Gather to…


Streamline Bookings

“The booking process is so easy and simplifies so much,” explains Robin. “It cuts down on so much time.” She explains that the ease of booking is probably the #1 thing she and the team enjoy about Gather. “For clients to be able to go on [our website], fill information in quickly and get a response with a full proposal is something that’s a great benefit,” she adds.


Help Expedite the Proposal Process

Robin says there’s no way to compare their old process to the way they’re managing food truck events now. In particular, she loves getting feedback from clients about how quickly and easily they’re able to book the truck. “I immediately get that inquiry email, so our response time is really fast,” she says. “Then, I already have this detailed proposal to send them.” After using Gather for six months, Robin sent out an email to all the food truck owners she knew in her area to tell them they needed to get Gather as well.


Better Analyze Leads and Data

Robin says being able to analyze financials has also been a huge asset to the Ruthie’s team. She enjoys being able to “go back and look to see how many leads we converted, or how many repeat customers we have.” It also helps them analyze where leads are coming from, as well as the types of events they’re attending, such as corporate or social. “For someone trying to collect data on their business,” she adds, “it’s such a great resource.”


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