Reinstein Ranch

“With Gather, we’ve been able to add more value to our behind-the-scenes systems, allowing us to allocate our time effectively and spend more time working on the bigger picture.”
– Christianna Reinstein

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Family owned and operated since 1884, Reinstein Ranch has evolved its focus over the years to take advantage of its hundreds of acres of farmland. This Livermore, California ranch that was founded to produce wheat and raise horses now hosts an array of events in a one-of-a-kind setting. From weddings and mindfulness retreats to personal dinner parties and corporate soirees, Reinstein Ranch is the perfect venue to celebrate a milestone or enhance team-building over a weekend.

After a stint in San Francisco, Christianna Reinstein moved back home to transform the farm (which has been in her family for five generations) into an events venue. After years of building her events business, she knew that a software platform would allow them to showcase Reinstein Ranch as the perfect private events venue and help her build her business. When looking for a program that would help them improve their branding look and feel to clients, she found Gather.

To maintain consistent and professional customer-facing brand materials and meet their industry-specific needs, Reinstein Ranch turned to Gather to:


Increase organization

In the beginning years, Christianna and her team were managing events using emails, papers and Google calendar in a disorganized way. She dreamed of a better way to function on a daily basis where she wasn’t being slowed down by her ineffective system. She wanted something fun, easy to manage and beautifully designed. “I was looking for a system to help things flow and look great together while minimizing the tasks I have to keep track of mentally,” says Christianna. “We’ve been able to cut down on emails, confusion and lack of communication, which also adds to our professionalism and branding.”


Add more value to their business

In order to help grow their events business, Christianna wanted to focus on finding software that helped them improve their overall branding and how they looked to clients. “With Gather, how we feel to clients has gotten stronger.” Being able to create tasks and reminders for herself and her staff helped their events program flow a little easier from start to finish. “It’s so set in stone now, and we don’t even have to think twice about small details,” explains Christianna. “Our events program looks professional because we have this structure we didn’t have before.”


Improve email communication with clients

Before Gather, Christianna says event details and contracts were recorded half online and half offline, which made it hard to keep track of client communication. Email templates were a game-changer when it came to managing event details and spending time efficiently. “I used to type out every email when our leads came in for weddings and events, and being able to have one template called ‘Wedding’ and pulling that up, it saves me hours a week,” says Christianna. “Now, when a lead comes in, I have all the information I need in one place. My team can now spend more time doing the things that matter for our long term growth,” she adds.



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