Red Rooster Harlem

“I’ve worked with a lot of different softwares, so I wanted to use Gather to its full potential—redesigning menus and packages, streamlining and organizing things and making them easy to read for managers.”

– Stacy Rudin
Sales and Events Director

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Red Rooster Harlem is named after a historic speakeasy, situated at 138th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City, that hosted a slew of legendary jazz musicians, politicians, authors and other notables during the 20th century. With a focus on the Harlem community, co-creators Marcus Samuelsson (an award-winning chef who has competed on Bravo reality competition show Top Chef Masters) and Andrew Chapman opened RRH with the aim of elevating the neighborhood through hiring locals, sourcing local ingredients and even offering cooking classes.

RRH began hosting private events after the Obamas inquired about dining at the space. Sales and Events Director Stacy Rudin came on board in March 2015 as the events manager to oversee private dining and events for RRH as well as its sister restaurants, Ginny’s Supper Club and Streetbird. They began using Gather for events at Streetbird, and in early 2016 Stacy was promoted to director of sales for all of the restaurants. She knew they needed a program that would allow them to schedule events at multiple restaurants while managing growth.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Red Rooster Harlem turned to Gather to…


Organize the Event Planning Process

When signing on with Gather, the Red Rooster Harlem team was pleased with the ability to integrate both past and future events into the software system’s calendar. Since they manage events at multiple properties and locations, they say it’s been an asset to be able to view the calendar and see what’s booked where, as well as what each restaurant has on their agenda for the week. The color-coding option, Stacy adds, is a huge plus.


Streamline Communication

Before Gather, the RRH team was manually updating things like PDFs, BEOs and Dropbox, then redistributing the documents to reconfirm details. Now, they simply use the live links, which let members send a client a menu and make any updates or changes in real time, resulting in a much more efficient process.


Maintain Updated Documents and Financials

In addition to having well-designed menus and packages, streamlining communication, and keeping things easy to read and organized, RRH also wanted to be able to view real-time financials that line up with sales reports and restaurant financials. Gather’s reports feature helped their team manage all of their items that are priced on consumption as well.


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