Mina Group

“Gather is a one-stop shop. Everything can be done without even a phone call, whether the restaurant is five blocks or states away.”

– Jin Park
Senior Event Manager

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James Beard Award winner Michael Mina is a celebrity chef and an empire in his own right. Based in San Francisco, Mina Group has grown from a single location in 2004 to 27 restaurants nationwide. From lively, casual pubs to Michelin starred fine dining, Mina serves all levels of edible experiences.

Chef Mina continues to value using fresh, local ingredients in his food, visiting each restaurant multiple times each year to ensure the quality of food and service is consistent. In addition, through the use of technology like the group’s proprietary Recipe Exchange, as well as the support of a highly-skilled corporate team of chefs and operators, Chef Mina’s vision is carried out 365 days a year in restaurants across the United States.

With a name as well known as Mina’s, it is imperative that everything they do reflects the excellence for which they are famous, including private events. Senior Event Manager, Jin Park, needed a solution that would allow her team to communicate with restaurant management teams across the country and allow for future growth.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Mina Group turned to Gather to…


Expedite Communication

Before Gather, the distance between Mina restaurant locations was a concern. Jin and her team needed to share information quickly with restaurant teams all around the country. Gather is cloud-based, so all edits are updated immediately, meaning all team members have current information, whether they are across town or across the country. Guests and restaurant teams can see updates in Gather in real-time ensuring that all parties are up to date and informed.


Increase Leads

In the past, Jin and her team had no consistent way of keeping track of leads. With the widget from Gather, Mina Group is seeing an increase in inbound leads and now they are able to see what percentage of leads translate into bookings. With Gather, incoming inquiries have a one-stop shop to provide the necessary information to inquire about booking an event. On the backend, it’s easy for Jin’s team to stay organized on all lead information and status.


Receive Responsive Customer Support

Previously, Jin and her team were having a hard time arranging training. With a difficult interface, they weren’t receiving the detailed training and support they needed. Overall the customer experience was not what they needed in order to learn a product with a difficult user interface. Now with Gather, the training is very detailed and the interface is much easier to use and learn. Jin and her team no longer feel the sense of trial and error that they did in the past.


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