McConnell Hospitality Group

“Gather is so easy to use and the customer service that Gather has is amazing. We truly feel heard.”

– Sharon Davis
Operations Development

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In 2006, Culinary Institute of America graduate Jason McConnell decided to create his own restaurant concept in Franklin, Tennessee, right outside of Nashville. McConnell discovered an old law office that became the group’s flagship location, Red Pony. Just two years after the Nashville area fell in love with Red Pony, McConnell opened his second restaurant, 55 South.

Since then, the McConnell Hospitality Group has grown to include three full-service restaurants, a catering company, as well as a private event venue. Despite the exciting growth, the team was still managing private events through Excel. Even after using this system for seven years, it was not sustainable or efficient. McConnell needed a way to capture business more quickly and communicate in a more streamlined fashion. The team found other event management tools to be archaic and were in need of a tool to help them be timely and efficient.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, McConnell Hospitality turned to Gather to…


Streamline Internal and External Communication

As the McConnell Hospitality Group continued to experience growth, the team had no way to manage incoming inquiries for catering or private events. From an internal perspective, the team struggled with communication between sales managers and service staff. Gather solves this problem by providing streamlined internal communication and filterable calendars. Easy to use email templates allow McConnell to send hospitable customer-facing communication in a fraction of the time.


Capture Lead Information and Cut Down on Response Time

Without a specific place for guests to inquire about private dining and events at McConnell Hospitality Group’s restaurants, the process involved mass emails and notes on paper, which was tedious for both staff and guests. Gather’s widget on each restaurant’s homepage makes capturing leads easy. Instead of searching the site for a generic email address, the guest simply enters basic information which is then sent directly to the event manager. With the high volume of traffic McConnell sees on their website, they can now not only capture all necessary information but also get back to leads faster.


Provide Innovative, Efficient, and Robust Technology

In the past, McConnell did the majority of their private event management through Excel. After seven years, this process was no longer sufficient for the continued growth of McConnell’s private event and catering program – all other tools were old and archaic. They needed a solution like Gather to help improve their efficiency. With best-in-class customer service and a technology that’s always continuing to innovate, McConnell feels heard and supported.


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