How Gather Helps You Get More Leads

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Leads are the bread and butter of private events, and increasing both your number of leads and your lead conversion rate is critical for growing private event sales. But attracting more prospects to your space means more inquiry volume, which means more back-and-forth communication — and it can become daunting. At Gather, we get it. And we want to make it easier.

With the addition of the Gather Booking Network, there are now direct and indirect ways we help your business garner more leads. By implementing a few of these key approaches, you’re bound to see serious results. Here, we break down some success strategies that have worked for our other clients — and how you can leverage them, too.

Lead form

One of the easiest (and most efficient) ways to set your events program up for success is to add Gather’s lead form onto your company website. It allows potential clients to submit an event inquiry 24/7, day or night. Plus, the form has blanks for the prospect to fill out before submitting, which will provide you with more information from the beginning of the interaction process, meaning less back-and-forth correspondence will be needed before confirming the event. Whether it’s midday or middle of the night, guests can inquire about your space at their leisure, and you get the inquiry straight to your inbox for easy responding. Plus, all inquiries are stored within Gather, so you can use them for future prospecting as well.

Customer success team

When you sign on to partner with Gather, you don’t just get a great private events management software. Along with a customized training and onboarding experience and a dedicated customer service team, a group of events experts, dubbed our Success team, help you become a pro at using the platform to manage — and grow — events programs. Our Success managers make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the software has to offer, provide you with sales tips and best practices that can boost your bottom line, and even connect you with other similar thriving businesses. They show you how to be strategic with your time and precise with your actions, make analyzing data simple, and convert more leads.

All-in-one platform

We say it all the time: Organization is key to event success! But it’s true. The more organized your process, the less likely things will slip through the cracks. Gather gives you one place to track all of your bookings and mark their stage, which helps keep things visually clear and increases sales efficiency by showing you who needs follow-ups first. Less admin time means more time available for finding new leads. Plus, our lead form (which we mentioned earlier) means you can potentially be selling your space while you sleep. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Reporting features

Our tailored reporting features provide you with crucial data about your events program. From lead conversion to opportunity generation, pulling reports for your program sheds a light on how your business is performing. You can see what event types bring you the most success, where you’re getting the most leads from, and so much more. And because you only need to manually enter leads that come from outbound or direct channels, you’ll get more benefit for less effort. You can run the numbers from your last quarter or year to pinpoint areas of improvement (like lead follow-through and conversion rates), then use that to create manageable goals moving forward and make sure you’re going after the right leads for your particular venue.

Gather Booking Network

Launched in summer 2018, the Gather Booking Network (GBN) is the world’s largest events network. We have partnered with the top sites for event planning, including Yelp, OpenTable, EVENTup, BizBash and Wedding Spot, connecting your venue to the largest network of planners and diners in the world. GBN promotes your restaurant or venue in places where planners discover and book events. Being part of this network exponentially grows the amount of viewers and potential bookers who come across your venue. In the first four weeks along, GBN saw 3,355 leads submitted, with more than $8 million generated in potential bookings.


Since using Gather, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Titletown Brewing Company saw a 200% increase in generated and converted leads.

Alabama-based brewery and entertainment venue Campus No. 805 has seen a 25% increase in converted leads.

Aurify Brands, a New York-based fast-casual network, and The Mill, a family-run restaurant, bar and event space in Hershey, Pennsylvania, both saw a 10% lead increase.

After onboarding with Gather, Copper Canyon Grill restaurant saw a 60% increase in incoming leads.

Not only did McConnell Hospitality Group increase their leads by 75%, but they were also able to respond to leads 12 times faster with our software.

Dallas-based food truck Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe saw a whopping 30% increase in incoming leads.

Event venue Southwind Hills in Goldsby, Oklahoma, increased organic leads by 20% using Gather.


  • Embed the lead form onto your business website
  • Connect with your Success manager to talk best practices
  • Consider taking advantage of Gather Training office hours to ensure every team member knows their way around the platform
  • Have all leads input to Gather with updated statuses and all pertinent info
  • Take advantage of insightful reporting features
  • Make sure you’re part of the Gather Booking Network