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Gather Payments case study


“It’s convenient that sales and payments are in one place and up to date. We love it!” 
– Jessie Casey
Director of Events, AC Restaurants

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Money. Moolah. Cheddar. Green. Whatever you call it, it’s what makes the world go round. And when it comes to money and your business, you want to make sure you’ve got solid processes in place.

Technology has evolved the way we pay for things, with a huge bulk of transactions now taking place online. But, as we’ve said before, the ease of paying for things online has come with a rise in database hacking and identity theft. Whether they know it or not, many restaurants and venues leave their customers vulnerable by taking payment info via email, fax, or over the phone.

That’s where Gather Payments comes in. Gather Payments makes it easy for our customers to process PCI Compliant payments online. This makes things safer and easier for both you and your guests — and the easier it is for them, the faster you get paid.

We talked to a handful of venue pros about their experience using Gather Payments and how it helps them run their event programs better. Read on to find out what they had to say.


Gather Payments case study


As part of swanky New York City hospitality group The Lure Group, Slate is a buzzy nightlife spot in the heart of Chelsea. The expansive upscale bar and lounge is an event space-meets-nightclub-meets-adult playground — the latter is where their 20- foot slide comes in.

Slate’s been using Gather Payments to process their event financials since the beginning. Sam Boudloche, their director of events, says Slate hosts at least 35 events per month on average. Sam says what they like about using Gather Payments is:

  • One-Stop Shop: “Our clients appreciate it, and it’s secure.”
  • Accessibility: “What’s great is, when you pay through Gather, the receipt is accessible. You don’t have to search through a box or have accounting look for a check. It’s great for documents because you can just drop them in.”
  • Digitization: “Before, we kept contracts in binders. We’re getting closer to being paperless, and that was the goal with Gather. No more shredding.”

He adds that most of the events Slate hosts are corporate, with a mix of other event types like fundraisers and social celebrations as well. “There’s that ease of use from client side, we can update [payment info] relatively quickly, and it’s generally a one- to two-step process,” says Benny Klein, The Lure Group’s special event coordinator. “It just makes the process more seamless and cohesive if you’re sending proposals and contracts through Gather.”

Bridge Club

Bridge Club, part of Ashley Christensen’s AC Restaurants group, bills itself as a social gathering space and event venue. Situated on two floors of one of Raleigh, North Carolina’s historic downtown bank buildings, it offers both elegant and minimalist event space that’s perfectly suited for everything from a company presentation to a sizable wedding reception.

“For us, it’s convenient that sales and payments are in one place and up to date,” says Jessie Casey, AC Restaurants’ director of events. She explains that, since they’re a private event space and not a restaurant, they don’t have a POS system to take payments onsite during an event. “We get a deposit payment and we invoice the client following the event.” She and her team find Gather Payments the best avenue for payment processing because of:

  • Organization: “One thing I love is, with corporate clients during the planning process, they put a card on file and we can charge them after, then email them their invoice or credit card receipt. It takes a step out with the payment request, they don’t have that extra email.”
  • Transparency: “Because the events team handles all the billing and invoicing — then we have an accounting department that does the actual reporting — for them to be able to look all that up without printing reports or emails is great. They get emails when deposits or refunds are made, so the team is in the loop.”
  • Real-Time Updates: “We have it set up so when a payment is made, we have an email setting that copies our accounting team. They know right away that the funds are going to hit.”

Jessie says Bridge Club’s event bookings have been ramping up the past six months — they hosted about 40 events in June 2019. She attributes the spike partially to Ashley Christensen receiving the Outstanding Chef award during the most recent James Beard Awards Gala. “Award wins are helpful,” she explains, “but we’ve also slowly built up our reputation as a go-to spot for high-end events, and we’re hitting our stride.”

The Machine Shop

Nestled by the Mississippi River in the St. Anthony neighborhood of Minneapolis, the Machine Shop is a unique private event venue that meshes its historic space with modern sensibilities and luxurious amenities. Since restoring the building that once supplied machinery to the largest working mill in the world and reopening in 2016, the Machine Shop has hosted a variety of events, from casual get-togethers to glamorous celebrations.

Jessica Barrett, the venue’s executive director, estimates The Machine Shop hosts 10-15 events each month. Jessica says she and her team like using Gather Payments because it provides:

  • PCI Compliance: “We liked that it was a separate third party so we didn’t have to store anything onsite or handle credit cards — we wanted to mitigate our risk.”
  • Seamless Customer Experience: “We love the ease for our clients when it comes to using Gather Payments. They can click on a link [to the guest portal] and do it all themselves.”
  • Better Communication: “It’s easy for our staff to stay up to date and on the same page. Everybody can see when something’s been paid, which means less back and forth.”

Of the 150 or so events Machine Shop hosts each year, Jessica says approximately 40% are weddings, with the rest being a mix of nonprofit, arts, corporate, and fashion events. She adds that Gather has helped her team save 8 hours a week compiling leads, increased inter-office communication by 30%, and cut BEO production by 7-10 hours a week.

There’s no such thing as being too careful with your customer’s money. And if you can leverage a platform that also helps you stay organized, save time, and keep your team on the same page, even better.


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