Ford Fry Restaurants

“We were the sixth client to join Gather. From a technology standpoint, it’s much simpler, easier, and has more functionality than other tools we’ve used in the past.”

– Valerie Failla
Mosley PR & Sales Director

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Atlanta powerhouse Ford Fry started out in the restaurant business in 2007 with his flagship, JCT Kitchen, and in just eight years, he’s grown into a thriving group of more than 10 successful restaurants with no plans of stopping.

Apart from stellar service and perfectly executed dishes, what sets Fry apart is that he acts as a mentor to his chefs not only in the culinary arts but also in the necessary operational responsibilities it takes to run a profitable business.

Valerie Failla Mosley, PR & Sales Director, started as a team of one and before she knew it she would be responsible for three restaurants. With a growing team and growing responsibility, Valerie needed software that had a full suite of tools but was easy for everyone to use.

To help support rapid growth and rising technology needs, Ford Fry turned to Gather to…


Simplify Internal Operations

In the past, communicating with a large internal team that was not centrally located was burdensome and time-consuming. With around 35 different people who work across ten different locations, it was important to find a solution that was easy to learn and simple to use. With Gather, there was not a complicated or painful onboarding process. The technology made old processes like uploading new menus, which was once a cumbersome task, now seamless and fast.


Facilitate Timely Guest Communications

Prior to switching to Gather, Ford Fry had no easy way to send contracts. As they continued to expand, each location didn’t have a full-service office. With more people in more locations, faxing contracts back and forth became labor intensive and cumbersome. To go from a fax-based system to an email-based system was a huge win for Valerie and her team. It cut response time from days to minutes.


Provide World-Class Customer Support

In previous years, Ford Fry lacked unlimited access to a customer support team. With so much going on, it was important for the team to feel supported and heard. Valerie says Gather’s customer experience team is not only accurate, but they are always quick to respond and offer empathetic advice. This is a must for a small team managing events for a fleet of restaurants.



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