Copper Canyon Grill

“This time last year, our private dining program was smaller and less flexible. Since starting with Gather, group sales have increased by 70%.”

– Amy Harrison
Sales and Marketing Manager

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In 2009, the Mid-Atlantic locations of Redrock Canyon Grill owned by Blue Ridge Restaurants transitioned into a new name, Copper Canyon Grill. The area was lacking in high quality “upscale casual” restaurants and the Copper Canyon Grill would make a fun atmosphere that served dishes all made from scratch. The food is based on American classic dishes that offer guests a nostalgic experience with a slightly more sophisticated recipe.

The Copper Canyon Grill team has always offered private dining, but it was not until they opened the Orlando location that they realized the potential of events. Being surrounded by conference centers and hotels, the opportunity for corporate events was enormous.

Amy Harrison, Sales and  Marketing Manager, was tasked with leading this program. As the company grew, Amy was also in charge of recruiting new talent, which meant she was often out of the office. This made her previous system of creating her own templates and documents to email and fax guests difficult to sustain. Amy and the Copper Canyon Grill team needed a more modern solution that allowed access to critical information from any computer.

To grow their private dining program into a thriving aspect of their business, Copper Canyon Grill turned to Gather to provide…

Instant Access to Crucial Information

Amy initially kept all relevant documents in a binder on her desk. This system worked fine until she needed to travel to recruit new team members. When she received an email from someone interested in booking an event, she needed the binder with her calendar and proposals to answer inquiries, so the process became challenging as business grew. Now that she uses Gather, Amy can access all the information she needs from any computer, tablet, or phone as long as it is connected to the internet. The cloud-based platform allows her to manage and book events even from afar.


Fortified Security Measures

The security of guest information has always been a priority for Copper Canyon Grill, so PCI compliance was crucial when researching event management softwares. Gather makes it easy for Amy and her team to collect deposits and payments in a manner that protects both parties. Gather payments not only simplifies security, but makes the entire payment process painless, leading to a higher rate of booked events.


Digital Documents and Templates

With Gather, Amy first created documents such as BEOs and proposals using one of her templates and then had to convert it to a PDF before sending it to clients via fax or email. She also printed these documents for her files. Gather’s templates streamline this process. Proposals, banquet event orders, and contracts are all kept in a central place and are easy to edit for each event. Now, Amy simply fills out the relevant information and sends the updated documents to her clients which they can easily sign online.


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