Coopers Hall Winery and Taproom

“Every time I have a question or concern or want to change something, I see it happen quickly. Gather is personalized to how quickly I need to use it.”
– Shannan Shute
Events Manager

Coopers Hall is a winery, event space, and taproom that opened in Portland’s Central Eastside in the spring of 2014. They’ve set themselves apart through a self-distributed wholesale wine keg program, fresh menu offerings, unique space, and a variety of wines, beer, and cider on tap. 

For events, Coopers Hall offers two spaces — one with 40-person capacity and another with a 70-person capacity. There’s also the opportunity to rent the entire area. This means that unless it’s entirely rented out, the regular restaurant is open during events so many times they’re juggling regular service with guests. Before Gather, they were managing events with manual docs that were time-consuming and left room for error.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Coopers Hall turned to Gather to…


Automate the Proposal Process

Previously, Shannan and her team were managing events with Word Doc templates that required Shannan to customize them to each event and make manual updates with every changing detail. It would typically take Shannan 25 to 45 minutes to upload proposals and get them off to the client, and they never looked as professional as she liked. With Gather, all documents and proposals auto-generate once a booking is created or updated so files are consistent and on-brand with a clean, professional design.

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Make Updates in Real-Time

When doing in-house consultations for clients, Shannan says she can easily pull up Gather to edit event details and add menus to give them a strong sense of up-front cost. Then, she can make real-time adjustments. With menus in Gather, she is able to create packages that are easy to edit and fit a particular event’s needs, without having to start from scratch. Additionally, not having to manually recreate proposals when guest counts change has eliminated room for errors and saved time.

Create a Seamless Booking Workflow

Shannan says one of the most significant benefits of using Gather has been how much time she saved through the simplified booking workflow. Automated documents make it quick and easy for Shannan to share up-to-date files, like the Chef BEO or event menu, with her team. Plus, the instant she gets a new inquiry, she can quickly create a professional proposal and respond to potential guests with an estimate in less than 15 minutes. This saves the entire team time, while also helping Shannan win new events business faster than ever before.


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