Coopers Hall Winery and Taproom

“Every time I have a question or concern or want to change something, I see it happen quickly. Gather is personalized to how quickly I need to use it.”
– Shannan Shute
Events Manager

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Coopers Hall is a winery, event space, and taproom — the first of its kind in Oregon. Since opening in Portland’s Central Eastside in the spring of 2014, they’ve set themselves apart through a self-distributed wholesale wine keg program, fresh menu offerings, remarkably unique space (built in Detroit, Michigan, the Kwanzaa hut was assembled in Portland in 1952, originally as an auto repair shop), and 40 taps pouring a variety of wines, with seven for beer and cider. Wine enthusiasts especially flock to the modern 8,000-square-foot outpost to get a closer look at all aspects of the winemaking experience, from grape selection to the final product in a keg to be served on tap.

For events, Coopers Hall offers a semi-private mezzanine level with a 40-person capacity, a Barrel Room on the production-floor level with a 70-person capacity, or the option to rent out the entire space. Unless the third option is chosen, the regular restaurant is open during events, enabling them to host two simultaneous events in addition to providing regular service. Prior to Gather, they were managing events with manual docs that were time-consuming and left room for error due to lack of automated integration.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Coopers Hall turned to Gather to…


Effectively Create Proposals

Previously, Shannan and her team were managing events with Word Docs that had been created with basic specifics about things like names, time and guests. She says it would normally take 25 to 45 minutes to upload proposals and get them off to the client, and they never looked quite professional. With Gather, all documents and proposals are consistent and type- faced, so everything from client BEOs to invoices has a similar, professional design with a signature, unifying look.


Save Time Without Sacrificing Accuracy

When doing in-house consultations for clients, Shannan says she can easily pull up Gather to upload information and menus to give them a strong sense of up-front cost. Then, she can quickly associate other things they may need to add on. With the menu templates she was able to create through Gather for Coopers Hall’s menu and dinner packages, she can edit them to fit a particular event’s needs without having to start from scratch. Additionally, not having to manually recount changing guest numbers or dollar amounts has eliminated any room for errors or accounting mistakes.


Manage Efficient Communication

Shannan says one of the biggest assets of using Gather has been how much time has been saved through the software integration that makes it easy start documents like a chef BEO or a menu, which she can then print directly from Gather to distribute for things like manager meetings, ensuring everyone has all the necessary details and data. Plus, she is able to quickly write a proposal, get the client inquiry, then have the estimate to them within 15 minutes.



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