Breckenridge Distillery

“The fact that I can mark a lead as prospective, tentative, or confirmed, and it’s all on the calendar, is great. When people reach out for a date, I can just look at the calendar so I don’t offer a date that’s already potentially booked. That’s super helpful and time-saving.”

– Michael Neff
Event Coordinator

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Nestled among the snowy peaks that populate picturesque Breckenridge, Colorado, lies the world’s highest distillery.

Thanks to this accolade, it only seems fitting that they dubbed themselves Breckenridge Distillery. In 2007, physician (and whiskey enthusiast) Brian Nolt founded the company after cashing out his life savings — he banked on himself, and on the pristine Breckenridge water they use in their spirits for proofing and blending — and unsurprisingly found success.

Breckenridge Distillery concocts more than a dozen products, from whiskeys and rum to bourbon blends. Their space offers tours, tastings, and several event spaces, including a restaurant and gallery. In the past year or so, they’ve shifted a greater focus onto private events. Along with hiring Michael Neff as their event coordinator, they turned to Gather.

To help grow their private events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Breckenridge Distillery turned to Gather to:


Improve team transparency

Through implementing Gather, one of the biggest benefits Breckenridge’s staff saw was how it streamlined — and helped enhance — inter-department communication. “We had a huge increase in communication between myself and our account/finance departments,” Michael explains. She adds that it enables quick and easy internal communication by allowing messages and alerts to be sent through the platform.


Keep client info secure

At Gather, we pride ourselves on helping our clients keep their clients’ info secure. This is something Michael appreciates as well. “Securely storing client information all in one area is huge,” she explains. Before Gather, Michael was using what she calls “old-school” techniques, like manually updating details and uploading files to Google Drive. “Now that I can put everything directly into the Documents tab,” she says, “it’s so much easier and makes clients feel better.”


Send professional-looking documents

One way to get an edge over competing venues in your area? Have consistent, professional-looking, client-facing documents and templates. “I feel like the proposals we send are very inviting,” explains Michael. “It doesn’t look intimidating and scary, with all kinds of places to sign and initial.” With all of the details and prices laid out, she says this helps motivate clients to sign proposals quicker — “it puts everything into perspective and shows exactly what they’re going to spend with no hidden fees.”


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