Bottle Cap Group

“Prior to onboarding with Gather, our events were all over the place, and details were easily lost. From a corporate perspective, we didn’t have a streamline of communication, so we didn’t know what was happening in our locations. Once I saw your software, I knew it was something my managers could utilize to improve our private events program.”
– Morgan Conroy
Marketing Director

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Bottle Cap Group began in Charlotte, North Carolina over 10 years ago as a restaurant management group and has since expanded into the Greenville and Charleston areas of South Carolina. Bottle Cap Group is unique in that they focus on three different areas of the hospitality industry: restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

As Bottle Cap Group continued to add more concepts under their growing umbrella, Morgan Conroy, their marketing director, knew they needed to make their private events program a priority. To help them grow their private events program and streamline communication between all of their locations, Bottle Cap Group turned to Gather.

To help keep track of event details across multiple locations and meet their industry-specific needs, Bottle Cap Group turned to Gather to:


Improve team communication

One of the biggest things that Morgan wanted to accomplish with Bottle Cap Group’s private events program was to increase transparency across all team members and locations. Luckily, with our software, she was able to get everyone on the same page. “Team communication has been the #1 best feature of why we utilize Gather,” explains Morgan. “Our chef and management team, as well as our corporate office, are all now aware of what’s happening in the restaurants.”


Analyze sales

Gather’s custom reports have been a game-changer for Morgan because she’s able to get a birds-eye view of her whole event program. Through our customizable reports, she can choose her own filters and see how her teams are performing, without having to deal with manual data entry in spreadsheets. “I love being able to see what the sales and events managers are bringing in via sales reports in Gather,” says Morgan.


Increase awareness about their events program

Once Morgan saw Gather’s custom lead widget, she knew she had to have it on her business’ websites. “From a website perspective, it’s simple and easy for people to find out we’re able to host private events when the widget pops up,” says Morgan. With the lead widget, she’s able to stay organized with incoming event leads from all of her locations. “That’s been super helpful because we receive between 10-15 inquiries a week through our website” she adds.



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