Aurify Brands

“Since we have 30-plus stores and six brands, Gather helps me consolidate everything event related into one place that everyone on staff has access to.”

– Juanina Kocher
Director of Catering & Special Events

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The word “aurify” means “to turn to gold.” That’s the mission of restaurant group Aurify Brands. The fast-casual network boasts the eateries Melt Shop, The Little Beet, Fields Good Chicken, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, totaling more than 30 locations.

The company began in the early 2000s, first dubbed Five Points Partners (FPP), with an aim focused on multi-unit national franchise networks. After accruing a handful of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins outposts, the founders (Andy Stern and John Rigos) shifted their strategy more towards developing concepts that they saw as having a high brand equity potential. They became Aurify Brands, LLC in 2011, and have been “aurifying” ever since.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Aurify Brands turned to Gather to…

Consolidate All of Their Event-Related Information

“We have so many brands, and I’m a one-woman show,” Juanina says of her Special Events role at Aurify. “For me to get things across [to multiple teams], it’s helpful to have one calendar.” She explains that, because the restaurants under the Aurify umbrella use multiple couriers for things like catering, it’s helpful to have everything in one synced calendar. “One of the features I love is the Daily Digest reminder,” Juanina adds, “so there’s no excuse for missing an order.”


Enhance Team Communication

When you work across multiple locations, having optimized communication avenues is obviously key — such is the case for Aurify. Juanina says Gather’s communication tools make staying in touch with staff members quick and easy. Plus, “I don’t have to communicate as much,” she says. “I just put [event-related details] in the platform, then make sure they’re checking and updating it.”


Reallocate Time Spent Managing Events to Increasing Bookings

With features like saved menus, customizable templates and archived lead capabilities, one of Gather’s biggest benefits is how it cuts down on time usually spent doing event-related admin work, so event teams can spend more time accruing leads and increasing bookings. “I would usually need more team members to execute orders and details,” Juanina says. But with Gather allowing for increased speed of bookings and time saved, she and the Aurify team can spend more time on expansion and growth. “I can do the volume of work that would normally take four people to do,” she adds, “would it not be for this platform.”


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