Alexander’s Steakhouse

“Gather eliminates everyone from having to do the same work. It’s a huge time-saving tool and has all the functionality we need in order to grow our events program.”

– Barrie Quan
Director of Special Events

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Alexander’s Steakhouse started as a single location in Cupertino, California in 2005, with values centered not only on luxury ingredients but also overall positivity and generosity. Their menu is a fine dining interpretation of the classic American steakhouse with hints of Japanese influence. Guests come to Alexander’s for special occasions and return year after year for the warm service and skillfully executed dishes.

Alexander’s Steakhouse opened their second location in San Francisco in 2010, followed by Palo Alto in 2012. Currently, they have six full-service restaurants, including one in Taipei. Director of Special Events, Barrie Quan, tried other event management solutions prior to Gather, but they were either clunky and time-consuming or did not provide features specific to restaurants.

To help streamline their growing events business and meet their industry-specific needs, Alexander’s Steakhouse turned to Gather to…


Consolidate Administrative Tasks

Prior to switching to Gather, Barrie and her team used email templates but still had to fill in the name, date, and time of various events. When dealing with a high volume of proposals and inquiries, going between a calendar, email, and proposal was not efficient. Gather’s autofill feature does that work automatically, allowing the team to quickly generate emails and bookings with a few quick clicks.


Help with Volume of Incoming Leads

Previously, Alexander’s Steakhouse had private event inquiries coming from a range of sources. Interested guests could call the main restaurant telephone line, the private event telephone line, email Barrie directly or email Alexander’s Steakhouse’s general contact address. Understandably, with so many different channels, the lines of contact easily got tangled. Now all incoming traffic and inquiries are directed to their website, where they use the Gather widget. This eliminates confusion and allows all lead contact information to be aggregated in one place.


Decrease Time Spent Converting Leads

Before Gather, Alexander’s Steakhouse’s means of communication, both internal and external, were kept in multiple places. This led to some inquiries falling through the cracks. Now when Barrie’s team receives a massive amount of inbound inquiries, Gather keeps the entire conversation, from inquiry to a proposal, in one place. In addition, the ability to send online proposals makes the process simple for guests, which leads to a higher rate of proposals coming to fruition.


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