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We know you’re busy and, when it comes to event planning, you need a cloud-based software platform that’s there for you, no matter where you are. Thanks to our mobile-friendly site and newly launched phone app for iPhone and Android (available in the app store), you can easily plan events and manage details from your phone, laptop or tablet while out and about.

Whether you’re in the office, at a site visit or simply on the go, you can always be in the loop when it comes to tracking event progress. This also allows both you and your team to stay on the same page and instantly access important venue-related info, so they can prepare for any changes or updates that need to be made.

With Gather’s mobile app, you can stay on top of all event details and communications, such as receiving new leads and proposal notifications, viewing your event calendar to see bookings you’ve scheduled in advance, accessing message histories, searching for contacts and more. This allows you to effectively respond to inquiries as soon as possible, and get contracts sent off before other venues have even received their inquiry. You can get a one-on-one look at our app for yourself through a live demo tour with a member of the Gather team!

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Get More Organized

Another key to successful venue management lies in organization. Gather makes it easy to keep track of everything you need for to manage your venue effectively, from booking inquiry to day-of execution and all the small but significant details in between. Make secure payments online, send lead proposals, accept e-signatures, view calendars for future bookings and receive instantaneous client inquiries, all in one place.

Our integrated, shared calendar feature allows you to track past, present and future bookings in real time. Payments, forms and other documents are always sent out and processed quickly, efficiently and accurately through our automated systems — no manual number-crunching necessary. Our auto-generated documents make instantly updating BEOs, proposals and invoices a breeze, so you can stay prepared for the days and weeks ahead.

Time and again, our happy clients have remarked about how much our software has helped them streamline their business, saved them time and kept their event details in order without having anything fall through the cracks. Forgot the days of manila folders, calculators and e-faxes — Gather takes care of all that for you so you can spend time focusing on more important tasks.

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Communicate Efficiently

Through our integrated features, everyone from the wait staff and the kitchen to the event manager and venue coordinator can stay on top of the latest updates to all documents, calendars, menu orders and more.

Our customizable templates and message logs are complete with instant alerts that can notify everyone on the events team, so everyone can remain up to date on any new event-related developments or changes. Our direct messaging options allow you to tag a specific team member you want to address, so that person gets an instant alert about your message, and can respond accordingly and efficiently.

Plus, our complete message history feature allows you to easily search and look back at previous conversation records without having to dig through email after email to answer a client’s question — and an informed guest is a happy guest!

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Impress Clients

Showcase your commitment to professionalism with formatted documents that are stylish, polished, on brand and tailored to your specific venue. Whether you’re a smaller venue or a multi-location brand, customers will appreciate that forms are consistent and minimalist so all pertinent information is easily readable, well-designed and organized to boot.

At Gather, we’re always working to evolve and improve our interface by listening to client suggestions, along with our highly attentive and dedicated customer experience team (boasting 98% customer satisfaction across the board) that’s here to walk you through the software or answer any questions you may have at lightning-fast speed.

Plus, our consistent product updates — like calendar day view and sorting bookings options — make it easier for our customers and those they work with to successfully utilize all of Gather’s features. We make it easy to keep up with all that Gather has to offer and the new features we’re adding through the Product Updates section of our site and our targeted email newsletters.

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Ramp Up Sales

Convert leads to bookings in a snap! With features like synced updates throughout the software, automated forms and instant level one PCI-compliant payment processing (the highest level of payment security), you and your staff can increase your processing turnaround, allowing you to focus more energy on increasing leads instead of dealing with piles of paperwork, double-checking figures and manually updating forms.

By simply embedding the signature Gather widget to your company’s website, guests can inquire about bookings day or night, so you can accept leads 24/7 and have them sent directly to you for quick digital proposal turnaround. Gather allows you to focus on growing your business and generating more and more prospects, while also simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction to maximize organic growth.

Another beneficial asset is Gather’s historical and forecasted reporting tabs, which allow you to track events and performance growth over time—you can even export the data and implement it into your other business reports. Many of our customers have reported an increase in revenue, sales and number of events they are able to successfully manage in a given time frame, thanks to Gather’s innovative features and tools that allow inquiries to become confirmed bookings in a matter of minutes.

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