Product Updates

Grow Your Business with the Gather Booking Network

At Gather, one of our top priorities has always been to help clients streamline and grow their events programs. And we’re not just interested, but committed to helping you achieve that goal. With that in mind, we have an exciting announcement!

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  1. Product Updates

    Product Update: Driving qualified leads, email deliverability & new reports

    Our recent product updates include a Gather Booking Network recap and how to get more qualified leads, plus new and improved reports. We’re also excited to share an important update that ensures your guests are receiving communications at a higher rate — so everyone’s kept in the loop.

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  2. Industry

    7 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Restaurant

    You can have a mouthwatering menu, delicious cocktails, and a stellar interior. But what good is all that if people don’t know about your restaurant?

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  3. Trends

    How Restaurants Can Leverage Social Media Influencers

    You may think of Instagram as the app you find yourself (and, likely, your staff) scrolling multiple times a day during breaks. But are you leveraging this app for marketing success?

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  4. Trends

    Trending Now: The No-Tipping Movement

    Everywhere from restaurants and bars to coffee shops, customers see tipping as par for the course. But more and more, businesses are beginning to push back on this concept. There’s been a growing discussion around the concept of tipping. 

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  5. Industry

    11 Tips for Effective Restaurant Management

    If you’re new to restaurant management, it can be a daunting undertaking. From handling community outreach and mediating staff conflicts to crunching inventory numbers and meeting customer expectations, there are a lot of skills that a restaurant manager has to have to be successful. We’re here to help.

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  6. Industry

    The Value of Adding Your Venue to a Marketplace

    Online marketplaces are the ultimate way to connect professional and social event planners to the right venues. From EVENTup to Wedding Spot, these sites allow prospects to search using filters for their occasion, city, budget, guest count, amenities, and much more.

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  7. Industry

    5 Ways to Build A Better Events Program

    Turns out, more than half of chefs, owners, and general managers think it’s important that their event software provides them with business-building tools, according to a third-party market research study we recently conducted.

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  8. Industry

    Why These Event Pros Chose Gather Over Other Softwares

    It’s not easy to create an event management software that works for each one of the wide variety of venues out there. But at Gather, we do our best to consistently improve and innovate our platform’s offerings. We aim to provide a seamless, streamlined planning process for as many businesses as possible. 

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  9. Industry

    How to Get More Comfortable Selling Your Venue

    As an events professional, it’s tempting to focus on the clients who come to you when they want to book a private event. But to maximize your space and grow profits, it’s important to be comfortable not only booking events at your venue but proactively selling your space as well. 

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