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13 Marketing Tips to Gain More Repeat Customers

As guests leave your restaurant, are they already hungry for their next visit? A repeat customer is your restaurant’s best friend. 

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    5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Events Menu

    A menu can make or break an event — if the food is sub-par, guests will remember. So, what are the best practices to keep in mind when crafting a catering or private events menu? 

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    Venue Management 101: Build a Better Events Business

    Whether you’ve been approached about event management software before or have yet to hear of the concept, it can be hard to decipher whether it’s right for your particular restaurant or event venue — or worth the time and money. 

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  3. Industry

    How to Elevate Your Private Brunch Events

    Brunch events are a great way to celebrate everything from baby showers to graduations. 

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    How A Dessert Bar Does Private Events

    It’s no secret that nontraditional venues are a growing trend in private events. From boats and museums to go-kart tracks, these venues often bring their own signature dose of fun and unique experiences. 

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  5. Industry

    5 Types of Venues That Can Boost Revenue with Private Events

    What comes to mind when you hear the words event venue? A grand banquet hall or a theater that can seat thousands? If so, you are definitely not wrong, but you could be overlooking the entire realm of private events. There are countless businesses adding revenue to their bottom line by renting out extra space to individuals or groups who need a place to host a wide variety of events, from team meetings to baby showers. We’ve compiled a list of four types of businesses that have an opportunity for private events that may come as a surprise.

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  6. Industry

    How to Save Time While Managing Events

    Do you ever end a day and say “what happened to all my time?” It happens to everyone, and those in event management are particularly susceptible to this, because there is very little down time, and often time-off is sporadic. There are endless “how to save time” lists on the internet, but those who have a non-traditional schedule deserve one of their own.

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  7. Industry

    Why It’s Crucial to Get Guest Feedback

    After an event you’ve been managing for weeks (or months) at your venue is finally over, it’s tempting to jump right into the next set of tasks on your to-do list. 

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  8. Industry

    Gather Makes BEO Binders Obsolete — Here’s How

    Ah, the Banquet Event Order binder—used by event professionals and venue managers for years to keep track of all event-related documents, contracts, menus and more. 

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  9. Industry

    Why Events Need a Food Truck

    Experts have reported that food trucks are an industry worth more than $1 billion. More than 4,000 food trucks are operating around the country, averaging six-figures worth of yearly sales — and cities like Atlanta even have their own food truck parks. In short: business is a-boomin’. 

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