How to Hit Holiday Sales Goals

As we reach the final few months of the year, the holiday season is in full effect — especially at restaurants and venues. Now’s the time to make that final push to meet the year’s sales goals, but it can be hard to juggle it all during this chaotic time. 

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    How to Keep Your Restaurant Concept Fresh

    Your customers are the bread and butter of your business. We know getting them in the door is half the struggle, but actually getting them to return? That’s a separate struggle entirely.

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    5 Potential Event Disasters — And How to Fix Them

    There are plenty of ways to prepare your venue, your staff and yourself to host a successful private event that goes off without a hitch. But when it comes to things like bad weather and unpredictable guests, sometimes there’s no way to know what will be thrown at you before night’s end. 

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    What Gen X Wants From Private Events

    Here on the Gather blog, we’ve touched on how to host successful events for millennials. Now, let’s take a look at another generation: Gen X. This group ranges in age from mid-30s to around their mid-50s. 

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  4. Industry

    Why A New Event Process Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

    Just in time for the spookiest of holidays, let’s talk about something that can be scary for event staffs — a new process! But just because you’re switching things up doesn’t mean workload will increase. In fact, implementing a software like Gather is bound to save you time, not to mention energy, money and more. 

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    How Event Management Software Saves the Day — Literally

    Here at Gather, clients often tell us how much saving they do because of our software. We hear everything from sentiments like, This will save me so much time, I can finally go on a vacation! 

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  6. Industry

    Think You’re Too Busy For New Software? Think Again

    As the holidays are fast-approaching, you may think there’s too much going on to add “implementing a new software” to your to-do list. But if you’re planning to keep your private events business running through this year and for years to come, now’s the time. 

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    How to Increase Event Sales Using Current Contacts

    While private events are a great way to add stability to your company’s bottom line, it’s natural that some months may be slower than others. 

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  8. Industry

    How to Manage Your Events For Free (And Why You Shouldn’t)

    Sure, it may seem like running your private events program with a free management software is good for your bottom line. But it’s not. 

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  9. Industry

    Gather Spotlight: BeetleCat

    We visited Atlanta-based Ford Fry restaurant BeetleCat to speak with the executive chef and events manager about how software saves them time, keeps everyone on the same page, and makes managing events at multiple venues a breeze.

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