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Grow Your Business with the Gather Booking Network

At Gather, one of our top priorities has always been to help clients streamline and grow their events programs. And we’re not just interested, but committed to helping you achieve that goal. With that in mind, we have an exciting announcement!

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  1. Industry

    Make Reviews Work for Your Business — Here’s How

    The results are in: 63 percent of consumers feel that online reviews are “important” or “very important” when choosing local businesses. Reviews are one of the top resources customers use when considering if they’ll patronize or buy from a business. So, how can you make your reviews work for you?

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  2. Product Updates

    Gather’s Mobile App: New Look, Feel and Features

    The average person checks their phone 80 times a day. From emails and text messages to social media and more, we can all relate to using our phones for pretty much everything.

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  3. Culture

    Want to Attract Millennials? Be a Socially Responsible Brand

    Did you know that 73% of millennials would prefer to buy from a sustainable brand? At Gather, we make it a priority to give back. From our volunteer days to composting efforts, we know social responsibility is crucial to running a successful business.

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  4. Industry

    Opening a New Event Venue: 10 Things to Know

    So, you’re opening a new venue. Congrats! You’re certainly not alone — these days, the events business is booming. Eventgrid reports that about 18 million events and meetings are organized in the U.S. every year, producing $280 billion in spending.

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  5. Industry

    5 Ways Independent Restaurants Can Refresh Their Brand

    There’s a charm to most independent restaurants that’s harder to find in chains or national eateries. But, that can also mean that you don’t have the resources to invest in your brand like bigger restaurant groups do.

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  6. Industry

    5 Ways to Market Your Wedding Venue to Millennials

    Millennials are the largest generation ever — even larger than Baby Boomers, according to Gallup. So it should be no surprise that this demographic is a huge percentage of the current wedding market.

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  7. Industry

    8 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Restaurant Music

    The right song can change everything. A certain tune or genre can immediately transport you to a different time and place. In the right atmosphere, music is more than just notes — it’s an experience.

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  8. Industry

    Merchant Processors 101: What it Means for Your Business

    If your restaurant or venue accepts credit card payments (and it probably does), you’re probably a little familiar with payment gateways. You also likely have a merchant account, the type of bank accounts that authorize merchants to accept credit or debit card payments online.

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  9. Industry

    How to Start Your Events Program on the Right Foot

    Whether you’re a new venue or an established restaurant that wants to start hosting events, you want to make sure you and your staff are prepared. You’re (hopefully) about to experience a rush of new business, and the revenue that comes along with it.

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