How Event Management Software Saves the Day — Literally

Here at Gather, clients often tell us how much saving they do because of our software. We hear everything from sentiments like, This will save me so much time, I can finally go on a vacation! to This is so streamlined, I’ll save so much energy I used to spend on organizing and looking for […]

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  1. Industry

    Think You’re Too Busy For New Software? Think Again

    As the holidays are fast-approaching, you may think there’s too much going on to add “implementing a new software” to your to-do list. But if you’re planning to keep your private events business running through this year and for years to come, now’s the time. Take it from our client Julie Holmer of Angela’s at […]

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  2. Industry

    How to Increase Event Sales Using Current Contacts

    While private events are a great way to add stability to your company’s bottom line, it’s natural that some months may be slower than others. To supplement that, Gather allows you to view lists of current contacts you have from past inquiries or events, and see if it’s appropriate and timely to reach back out […]

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  3. Industry

    How to Manage Your Events For Free (And Why You Shouldn’t)

    Sure, it may seem like running your private events program with a free management software is good for your bottom line. But when you zoom out and see the big picture — time spent manually inputting event data, managing a growing events roster, handling sensitive customer data — it becomes clear why investing in a […]

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  4. Industry

    Gather Spotlight: BeetleCat

    We visited Atlanta-based Ford Fry restaurant BeetleCat to speak with the executive chef and events manager about how software saves them time, keeps everyone on the same page, and makes managing events at multiple venues a breeze.

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  5. Industry

    How Technology Is Helping Restaurants Grow

    Technology is designed to make life easier. It’s designed to simplify our personal lives and our work lives. This simplification is particularly the case in the restaurant industry. Today’s technology buzzwords — things like mobile apps, artificial intelligence, analytics, smart devices and the like — have turned their gaze to the restaurant industry.

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  6. Industry

    What Private Events and Football Have in Common

    Changing leaves, lower temperatures, and seasonal coffee beverages — the ushering in of autumn also means the return of football season. As it turns out, this beloved sport has quite a few things in common with private events.

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  7. Culture

    New Strategic Investment: Gather and Vista Equity Partners

    Today, I’m excited to announce a strategic investment and partnership with Vista Equity Partners, a leading investment firm. We’re excited to partner with Vista to move faster, continuing to build amazing products, a world-class team, and an exceptional group of clients.

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  8. Industry

    Why Software is a Game-Changer for Catering Companies

    Think a private event management software platform like Gather isn’t a good fit for catering companies? Think again! Along with traditional and nontraditional venues, restaurants, food trucks and everything in between, catering companies have found great success in using Gather to power their businesses. 

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  9. Industry

    Team Communication: As Told by Event Pros

    Nobody understands the nuances of hosting private events better than the pros who experience the multitasking, chaos, and logistics every day. With that in mind, we sat down with several of our top clients to talk about the role team communication plays in allowing them to host successful events.

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