Streamline event management at your venue.

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Stay Organized

Gather is an all-in-one platform to power your events

  1. Calendar

    Track past, present and future bookings.

  2. Auto-Generated Docs

    Instantly update contracts, BEOs and more.

  3. Daily Digest Email

    Plan for events in the days and weeks ahead.

  4. Team Communication

    Directly coordinate on things like events, accounts and leads.

“Gather eliminates everyone from having to do the same work, it’s a huge time saving tool and has all the functionality we need in order to grow our events program.”

Barrie Quan Director of Special Events, Alexander's Steakhouse

Drive Sales

Spend less time managing, and more time increasing event sales

  1. Clients can send booking inquiries 24/7

    Gather allows you to focus on growing your business and generating more prospects, while increasing customer satisfaction to maximize organic growth. Get alerts day or night from Gather’s automated booking inquiry lead widget, which can be easily embedded onto your venue’s website.

  2. Instantly send proposals, contracts and more

    Convert leads to bookings in a snap! With features like e-signatures and document templates, you can send digital proposals for a quick turnaround, instead of dealing with paperwork piles, double-checking figures and manual updates.

  3. Safely and easily collect payment info

    Gather’s platform lets you accept online payments while protecting sensitive consumer information through our PCI DSS Compliant system. Payments, forms and other documents are processed through our automated systems — no manual number-crunching required.

"This time last year, our private dining program was smaller and less flexible. With Gather, group sales have increased by 70%.”

Amy Harrison Sales & Marketing Manager, Copper Canyon Grill

Impress Customers

Delight your clients with a professional format and feel

  1. Offer guests an easy-to-use platform

    With a customer-facing portal that updates in real-time, clients can always access their event-related documents and information in one easy-to-navigate place. Everything for their event is kept in one place, without the clutter of add-ons or unnecessary features.

  2. Stay consistent with clean, formatted documents

    Customers will appreciate your commitment to professionalism with auto-formatted documents that are polished, on brand and tailored to your venue. Templates are consistent and minimalist so all pertinent information is easily readable, well-designed and organized.

  3. Keep your customers informed

    Gather’s messaging platform streamlines communication with customizable templates and a complete history of all correspondence between both staff members and your clients.

"Acre is a nice restaurant, so when I’m sending a proposal for someone to spend thousands on their wedding, I need it to look nice and clean. Gather allows me to do that.”

Christin Bancroft Director of Marketing & Special Events, Acre

Track Your Progress

With Gather, all of your events data is at your fingertips

  1. Custom Data Exports

    Create customized event reports easily and quickly.

  2. Event Performance Monitoring

    Stay on top of event program progress with visual reporting.

  3. Lead Source Tracking

    See where most leads are generated and archive leads for later.

  4. Booking Process Optimization

    Measure event sales performance and convert more leads to bookings.

“Gather is a comprehensive solution that has provided us the tools for managing the entire event sales process across multiple different properties.”

Demi Meeker Senior Event Manager, Cannon Green & Pippin Hill

Work Anywhere

Access event info and communication, no matter where you are

  1. Access the information you need, wherever you are

    Our mobile-friendly site and app let you easily plan events and manage details from your phone, laptop or tablet while out and about. Synced email notifications, calendars, and messaging allow you to access the platform and work from any device at any time.

  2. Get instant alerts and updates

    Whether you’re in the office, at a site visit or on the go, you can always be in the loop when it comes to tracking event progress. Email and message notifications allow you and your team to stay on the same page and instantly access important venue-related info.

  3. Track event progress from your phone

    Our mobile app helps you stay on top of event details and communications, from your leads, proposals, and calendar to tracking events and more. You can respond to inquiries as soon as possible, and get contracts sent off before other venues have even received their inquiry.

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