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From independent venues to national restaurant groups, read what they had to say about how Gather has transformed their business.

  1. “Gather has transformed our events business. We have a higher conversion rate since we can book parties instantly. We are huge fans.”

    Leslie Crawford, Events Director Urban Putt
  2. "I love Gather! Streamlining everything has significantly helped productivity and now we have more time to prospect."

    Stevie Arakawa, Sales Manager Gen3 Hospitality
  3. "Gather allows our sales team to communicate across six properties in a consistent manner, eliminating mistakes."

    Virginia Cohran, Director of Sales Strategic Hospitality
  4. “Gather is a one-stop shop. Everything can be done without even a phone call, whether the restaurant is five blocks or states away.”

    Jin Park, Senior Events Manager MINA Group
  5. “Gather has provided us with valuable tools for managing the entire event sales process across multiple properties."

    Demi Meeker, Senior Event Manager Cannon Green
  6. Gather helped us streamline how we book our events and the daily digest gives me a better grasp of what is happening in each concept."

    Scott Lawton, COO Barteca
  7. “Through Gather, we are able to see what's booked and on the agenda at each restaurant every week.”

    Stacy Rudin, Director of Sales Red Rooster
  8. “Gather brings the entire operations team together through communication and allows us to execute parties at a very high level."

    Crista Dean, Marketing Manager Granite City
  9. "I wanted to find a program that was simple to navigate. When I started using Gather, it just made sense."

    Chelsy Kokenge, Director of Events Rhinegeist
  10. "Without Gather, I would be unable to handle the volume of event requests that we receive, nor keep my events even close to organized."

    William Stallworth, Owner Painted Pin
  11. "Through Gather, each of our sales managers are able to send contracts, menus, and BEOs within minutes."

    Christina Teran, Director of Sales Sage Hospitality
  12. "As the 6th client to join Gather, we feel it has more functionality than other tools we’ve used in the past.”

    Valerie Mosley, Director of Sales Ford Fry
  13. “A lot of other tools have more of a corporate feel or a hotel catering element. Gather is just more geared towards what we’re trying to do.”

    Rachel Miller Munzer, Co-owner State Park
  14. "I don’t have to worry that my event salespeople are incorrectly storing credit card info now. Gather makes us PCI compliant."

    Ted Laymon, VP Sales & Marketing Il Fornaio
  15. "Now that we have Gather and realize how amazing it could all be — there isn't much comparison. It was a real game-changer for us. It truly replaced a full-time person."

    Robin Skinner, Business Development Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe

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