I think the calendar is great. We’re managing multiple locations, so going in and seeing what’s booked, where, and what each restaurant has on their agenda for the week is very helpful. Plus, I’m a color-coding person, so I love that aspect.
I spend all day, every day on Gather.  Without it, I would be completely unable to handle the volume of event requests that we receive, nor keep myself and my events even close to organized.  It is hands down the best event software on the market!
I was doing a lot of research on different programs available, and everything I found provided way too many functions that I did not need. When I started using Gather, it just made sense; easy and quick execution of proposals & contracts, fast returns on client payments and finalizing financials, and it provides me with a great line of communication to my clients and my staff members.
Gather has improved our event sales by organizing all our leads and details into one clean, easy to use system. We can now keep all our potential clients on the same page with auto generated documents.
Gather has transformed our events’ business. Their customer support is outstanding. Because of the great training we got, getting up and running with Gather took our team just a few days. The biggest plus is that we have a higher conversion rate since we can book parties instantly, whereas before it was a long process that risked losing customers. We are huge Gather fans.

Hospitality Groups

Gather makes communication between our team and our clients seamless and transparent. It keeps everyone organized and allows us to execute successful events.
Through Gather, sales managers are able to send contracts, menus, and BEOs within minutes. All changes are updated in real time ensuring our operations teams are consistently provided with accurate information as they coordinate staffing, prepping, and the event execution.
Gather is so easy to use and the customer service that Gather has is amazing. We truly feel heard.
I can't imagine my event life without Gather. It keeps everyone organized, on point and in constant communication with ALL of our events. Gather is the best friend any event team could ask for.
With our event sales team spread across six properties, it's often difficult to keep everything streamlined and consistent. Gather allows our team to communicate with our properties in an organized, consistent manner, helping to eliminate mistakes.

National Brands

Gather is user friendly to our entire culinary team. One of my favorite features is the Gather Daily Digest in which every morning the team receives an email letting us know what events are in the building that day.  This kind of regular, up-to-the-minute information definitely helps our private events world run smoothly.
Gather brings the entire operations team together through communication and allows us to be prepared and execute parties at a very high level.  The customer service and reliability are huge for us, if there is an issue, they are very prompt in finding a solution.  I also enjoy that they are always evolving and improving their platform.
I don’t have to worry that my event salespeople are incorrectly storing credit card info now. Gather automatically makes us PCI compliant.
Gather helped us streamline how we book our events and has provided a central place to read our data. I have a stronger grasp of what is happening in the restaurants now that I receive a daily readout via Gather.
My favorite part of Gather is the ease of preparing proposals and getting information out more quickly to our clients. Gather is a great addition to our events business.