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  1. Product Updates

    Gather’s Mobile App: Why This Update is a Game-Changer

    The holidays are here, which means your biggest event season is in full swing and you’re busier than ever. Time is of the essence, and Gather’s latest mobile app update keeps you on top of all the event details so you can take action quickly, no matter where you are.

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  2. Product Updates

    New in Gather: Updated Features Just in Time for the Holiday Season

    We’re kicking off October with a fully-loaded Gather update that will help you make the most of this holiday season! While holiday bookings ramp up, stay organized with new mobile app features, work smarter with our calendar and booking updates, and maximize your events line-up with new leads from the Gather Booking Network. 

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  3. Product Updates

    Gather’s Mobile App: New Look, Feel and Features

    The average person checks their phone 80 times a day. From emails and text messages to social media and more, we can all relate to using our phones for pretty much everything.

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  4. Product Updates

    Product Update: Driving qualified leads, email deliverability & new reports

    Our recent product updates include a Gather Booking Network recap and how to get more qualified leads, plus a new report. We’re also excited to share an important update that ensures your guests are receiving communications at a higher rate — so everyone’s kept in the loop.

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  5. Product Updates

    Grow Your Business with the Gather Booking Network

    At Gather, one of our top priorities has always been to help clients streamline and grow their events programs. And we’re not just interested, but committed to helping you achieve that goal. With that in mind, we have an exciting announcement!

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  6. Product Updates

    New in Gather: Email open status, task filter, improved reporting & support features

    With event season in full swing, we know you’re busier than ever. Keeping a pulse on upcoming events, staying on track, and monitoring how business is trending is top of mind — we’re here to make that easier. 

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  7. Product Updates

    5 Ways Gather Impacts Your Events Business

    From releasing a mobile app to adding new document styles and customizable reports, Gather has grown a lot in our five years as a product and business. We do our best to update customers on new features, but we know you’re busy! Here’s a refresher on the top five ways Gather impacts your events business.

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  8. Product Updates

    Why PCI Compliance Matters to Your Business

    At Gather, we’re problem solvers, not problem seekers. As we continue to drive innovation in the event management space, it’s important for us to keep up with new and evolving regulations so we can offer a secure and trustworthy product.

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  9. Product Updates

    New in Gather: Email CC and Mobile VIP View

    This week we released two features to enhance team and guest communication, plus keep owners and admins in the know, on the go. See what we did there?

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