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    How Technology Is Helping Restaurants Grow

    Technology is designed to make life easier. It’s designed to simplify our personal lives and our work lives. This simplification is particularly the case in the restaurant industry. Today’s technology buzzwords — things like mobile apps, artificial intelligence, analytics, smart devices and the like — have turned their gaze to the restaurant industry.

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    What Private Events and Football Have in Common

    Changing leaves, lower temperatures, and seasonal coffee beverages — the ushering in of autumn also means the return of football season. As it turns out, this beloved sport has quite a few things in common with private events.

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    Why Software is a Game-Changer for Catering Companies

    Think a private event management software platform like Gather isn’t a good fit for catering companies? Think again! Along with traditional and nontraditional venues, restaurants, food trucks and everything in between, catering companies have found great success in using Gather to power their businesses. 

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    Team Communication: As Told by Event Pros

    Nobody understands the nuances of hosting private events better than the pros who experience the multitasking, chaos, and logistics every day. With that in mind, we sat down with several of our top clients to talk about the role team communication plays in allowing them to host successful events.

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    Gather Spotlight: King + Duke

    For this video, we visited Atlanta-based Ford Fry restaurant King + Duke to speak with the executive chef and events manager about how using software helps them streamline team communication to run a successful private events program.

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    6 Tips for Hosting Successful Corporate Events

    There are plenty of benefits to being a venue that hosts corporate events — word of mouth from a great event can help increase your booking inquiries, and there’s always the chance your spot will become the company’s go-to venue for future happenings.

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    Gather Spotlight: St. Cecilia Restaurant

    Gather Spotlight: St. Cecilia from Gather Technologies on Vimeo. For our first Gather Spotlight, we visited Atlanta-based Ford Fry restaurant, St. Cecilia to speak with their executive chef and events manager about their private events program and how using software eases the process of managing events.

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    How to Overcome Common Fears About Restaurant Software

    All it takes is a quick scan of our client quotes or case studies to see all the benefits that event management software brings to businesses. But despite all the ways software saves time and money, some still have reservations that keep them from opting in. 

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    6 Steps to Go From First Look to Book

    It’s a common question many event venue managers have: What are the tricks for getting interested clients to end up booking your space? It can be frustrating to spend time and energy on scheduling and conducting walkthroughs that don’t end up turning into bookings.

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