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    Here’s How to Make Your Restaurant Website Stand Out

    Whether through our phones, laptops, tablets, or a combo of the three, most of us are using technology multiple times a day. So it makes sense that we’d turn to these tools when deciding on a restaurant for a dinner reservation or an event, right?

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    Robot Bartenders, Virtual-Reality Eateries, How Surge Pricing Could Save Restaurants & More

    This week, we’re highlighting a Tokyo dining experience involving a virtual-reality headset, predictions about next year’s biggest restaurant trends, and more buzzworthy industry news on our radar.

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    Why Couples Choose Nontraditional Wedding Venues

    Searching for the perfect venue is one of the first (and most important) things an engaged couple does when planning their wedding day. Many traditional nuptials have historically taken place in religious venues. But, these days, more people are opting for unique, nontraditional spaces instead. 

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    6 Celebrity Restaurants Creating a Buzz

    Big-name celebrities can make millions of dollars through touring, selling albums, acting gigs, appearances, and more. So, it’s no surprise that they’d want to use some of their earnings to pursue other entrepreneurial paths. For many of them, that means breaking into the restaurant world.

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    Top Restaurant Technology Shaping the Industry’s Future

    Running a restaurant is hard work. You’re in charge of handling inventory, planning out employee schedules, and making sure customers remain happy — all while keeping a steady eye on your bottom line.

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    How to Reduce Employee Stress During the Holidays

    The holidays can be an exciting time for your business, since more reservations and events mean more revenue. But, with the holiday season comes added stress — with your employees sometimes feeling the brunt of it.

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    Atlanta Rooftop Offers Igloo Rentals, America’s 38 Essential Restaurants & More

    From igloo rentals atop Ponce City Market in Atlanta, to Eater’s list of 38 essential restaurants, find out what buzzworthy industry news is on our radar this week.

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    6 Tips to Easily Increase Banquet Sales

    Banquet halls are a classic choice for events. Thus, owners and managers of these venues often have an easier time than nontraditional spaces when it comes to getting people through their doors. But whether business is slacking or steady, there’s always room for improvement.

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    5 Things That Set Gather’s Mobile App Apart

    The life of an events pro can take you various places throughout the day — whether you’re giving tours of your space or meeting with vendors to prepare for an upcoming party. That’s why any software you use should fit in with your on-the-go lifestyle.

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