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Why Gather is #1 in Event Leads

By Holly Edwards | 2 min read

Gather was built as a platform to make managing and growing your private events program easier. And now, with the Gather Booking Network, we’re taking a big step forward by helping to bring more leads right to you. 

Here, we’re highlighting exactly why Gather is your secret weapon to getting more leads — and how you can manage that growth with success.


A signature lead form

Our lead form makes it easy for potential event clients to inquire about your space. It can be embedded on your website’s homepage or in the private events section. This form allows prospects to submit an inquiry 24/7. Plus, the form arms you with all the necessary event information up front, so there’s less back-and-forth communication. Once a prospect submits an inquiry, it’s stored on our platform. This means you can easily access inquiries from your desktop or mobile app.


One platform to track your event leads

Our event management platform lets you keep track of all of your events in one place. So, how does this bring you in more leads? It helps you stay organized and ensures no details (or leads) fall through the cracks. We help you save time spent following up with leads and navigating miscommunications with your team members. The result? You can spend more time proactively selling your space for events.


Access to a dedicated support team

While our training managers help train and onboard you and your team, they do so much more than that. We have a dedicated Success team with extensive experience in the events industry. They can strategize best practices to help you manage and grow your private events program. They provide tips on how to sell your space, connect you with similar thriving businesses to network with, and much more. Working with our Success team is one of the biggest ways you can bring in more event leads.


The Gather Booking Network

The Gather Booking Network (GBN) is the world’s largest events network. We’ve partnered with Yelp, EVENTup, BizBash and Wedding Spot, with more partners to be announced in the coming months. When you take part in the GBN, your business is promoted in places where people go to book private events, which increases awareness for your event space.


Custom reports at your fingertips

Want to get more control over your events program? Gather’s custom reports can help. You can look at the last quarter or last year’s numbers to analyze how your sales are trending. You can also see which campaigns are driving leads into your sales funnel, which will help inform your marketing strategy and identify any weak areas that may need a closer look. Our custom reports help optimize your events program to perform as efficiently as possible.


A convenient mobile app

At Gather, we know that event pros spend the majority of their time working on the go. We want to fit in with your lifestyle. That’s why we made it a priority to offer a native mobile app. From the app, you can manage and track your leads, send proposals, track performance and keep in touch with your clients and team, all from your phone. When you can manage your events program wherever you are, you’ll have more time to go after prospects interested in booking your space.


Want to read more about how Gather can help you get more event leads? Request a live demo!

Holly Edwards
Content Marketing Specialist

Holly Edwards is Gather's Content Marketing Specialist. She crafts blog posts, social media content and thought leadership pieces that help restaurants and other venues streamline their planning process and host successful events.

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